Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Terrorists' Mentality
Nadene Goldfoot

The foes of Israel do not understand the relevence of Israel getting all upset over their aiming at a school bus.  Omar Al-Ghoul, political advisor to the PA Prime AMinister Salam Fayyad, told their TV on April 8th that the school bus wasn't that badly damaged but Israel is using this attack of ours as an excuse for hitting back. 

They cop out from understanding that a school bus holds children and that, to Israelis and to other people of the world this is not acceptable to do.  You don't purposely aim at children with the intention of killing or maiming them.  Children are innocents.  Only a very barbaric society would think this is okay to do.  Israelis are not measuring the destruction of the school bus.  They are measuring the intention of a self-seeking missile upon children. 

The child who was badly injured on the bus, Daniel Wipliech, has become worse to the point of being listed now as critical.  There is no evidence of any brain activity reported the doctor, the Chief of Pediatric ICU Shaul Sofer.  "It's a mortal injury," he said. 

Hamas is demonstrating their behaviors, and Fatah was not any better by entering a home in Samaria and slaughtering the family which included 3 children while they slept.  These are acts performed by cowards, not from brave men.  This is not the kind of morality that make up good neighbors. 


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