Sunday, April 10, 2011

Palestinian's Bully Behavior
Nadene Goldfoot

They finally did it.  After shooting rockets into Israel from Gaza over the past two years and getting so brazen as to hit a yellow school bus with a heat searching missile and then receiving the pummelting they deserve, the Palestinian Hamas terrorists have  called "UNCLE! 

The Palestinians are now asking the UN to do the same thing they've done to Libya, establish a no fly zone over Gaza! 

Israel's reply is how about first ensuring that the terrorists in Gaza halt all their attacks on Israel.  They'd also have to stop those ground to ground missiles that keep coming into Israel as well.  Sudan is also trying to get in on the act and are saying that a missile attack happened near their Port Sudan airport killing two people and it was from Israel!  They say this happened on Tuesday night.  My comment is that the Palestinian terrorists are the ones lobbing missiles around the area, and Israel was retaliating with completely diffferent weaponry.  I note how fast these people object to being attacked with missiles.  And we've been forced to endure it for how long?  Ridiculous. 


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