Monday, January 24, 2011

Flies in the Ointment for Peace Between Palestinians & Israelis

Nadene Goldfoot

The biggest fly of all is that the Palestinian authority refuses to accept Israel as a state for Jews. We cannot have but one state in the world while they have 48 Muslim majority countries. A Palestine would be the 49th. Though there are almost the same number of Jews in the USA as in Israel, Jews in the USA make up only 2.2% of the population.

One of the points to discuss is the return of Palestinians from 1948. They and their descendents have now grown to 5 million, a number that is absolutely imposssible to accept. At one point our prime minister had said we could take in 100,000, that that was not accepted. With their practice of plural marriages in which a man may have 4 wives, they have produced children four or more times faster than any other group in the world.

First off, the Palestinians refused the offer in 1948 for their half of Palestine from the British. They been refusing such offers ever since. As recently as 2008, Israel's PM Ehud Olmert offered to end the "occupation" and to give Palestinians 94% of Judea and Samaria and the other 6% from land in a land swap and PLO leadership said "NO." That was a great deal. This shows how badly the PLO does not really want or need a state. They have other goals in mind. I breathed a sigh of relief on this. I feel that since all the Arab states attacked Israel in 67 and lost, Judea and Samaria can stay under Israel's occupation since that was a part of our Jewish land long ago. This is the land of our beginnings, of our history. At any rate, even with the act of giving it away to the Palestinians, it wasn't accepted, so that proves they really don't want it or the responsibility. As the auctioneer calls out, "Going, going, GONE!"

In 2010 Abbas refused to negotiate with Netanyahu unless Israel accepted his preconditions for negotiating which would mean giving into the items that are to be discussed. This is so ridiculous it's pathetic. This means that Abbas is not about to discuss anything as a "mentch". And he hasn't, even with pressure from the USA and possibly even a little from the UN.

Now the war has also become a war with words. Palestinians are out to erase any mention of Jews in Israel, Samaria or Judea. They have published items saying that there is no connection to Jews from the Western or Wailing Wall which is Judaism's holiest site. This is where all Jews head for in Jerusalem and say special prayers. This wall was built in 20 BCE by Herod and it took 11 years to build. It was circling the 2nd Temple and also supported it. This has become an open air synagogue where tens of thousands of Jewish celebrants come to worship. It's where Bar Mitzva's are celebrated. Now the Muslims are claiming that the only reverence to be observed is that their Prophet Muhammad tethered his winged horse, Buraq on his journey from Mecca to Jerusalem in the 7th century AD. Islam was born with Mohammad in the middle 600's AD. It's the last of the three major religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Palestinians continue to teach hatred for Jews in their schools and on their TV programs, especially the ones for children. This doesn't show any chance to have a peaceful affair with Palestinians, ever. They're trying to push Israel back "today" to the 1967 borders. "Tomorrow", as they said in 1948, they most likely will be pushing Israel into the sea if they can get away with it.

Palestinians paint with lying words of information calling Israel criminals and get away with it with the biased international "human rights" of the United Nations. However, Israel was just cleared in the flotilla mission of Turkey, much to Turkey's disappointment, no doubt. Israel is being called criminals because they won't lay down and die. They do outlandish things like protect their citizens and they fight terrorism acts. Israelis intend to live and keep their religion alive with them.

Why haven't Palestinians ever accepted the multiple offers of having their own state? It's thought that they may be trying to force Israel into accepting them all into one large single state. That would wipe out the Jewish reason for creation and Israel would become another Muslim state in short time, losing even its name.
Israel is being shelled by rockets, mortars and missles from Gaza on the Southwest. They have at different times, and are in danger today from Lebanon, now taken over by Hizbollah so that's from the North. On the East is Judea and Samaria, under constant pressure from their brothers in Gaza to let loose and attack, which they have on occasion. When will the Palestinians realize that they all are threatened by Iran if they become capable of atomic attacks against Israel. If Israel is hit, they all will die; Gazans, Palestinaians in Judea and Samaria, and yes, even the one million Arab citizens in Israel. So it's not just Jews that can be eliminated. It's time they all decide to turn their weapons into plowshares and do some planting of food and goodness instead of giving everyone a bellyache of hatred. Palestinians could learn and benefit from Israeli Jews. Their lives could be much happier. from Professor Alan Dershowitz, author of "The trials of Zion" and many others.

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