Wednesday, January 26, 2011

West Bank to Receive Ammunition Foiled

Nadene Goldfoot

Judea/Samaria "West Bank" had people in Florida ready to ship them arms. And for why? Supposedly Palestinians living under the guidance of Abbas wanted to make peace with Israel.

A Cuban has come over to Florida and made friends with Palestinians living in Hialeah. In May 2009 Yanny Aguila Urbay, 24 from Cuba, was the go-between for his 23 year old partner, Abdalaziz Aziz Hamayel, in buying hundreds of stolen high powered rifles, grenades and explosives to be sent to the West Bank His problem was that he was dealing with a police officer, Pete Perez, in Miami.

Aguila's partner who lived in Coral Gables wanted to buy 300 M-16 rifles for a possible $1,300 each. They wanted M-16s with silencers, 200 grenades, 200 IEDs totaling $380,000 with a discount of $120,000. Hamayel was interested in buying cell-phone and remote-control detonators.

Hamayel told Policeman Perez that he was interested in buying the cache for his people "over there," meaning the Palestinian Authority of which Abbas is the head. He was video-taped dealing inside a vehicle and handling guns, grenades and other ammunition. Hamayel went to Jordan, then came back to Chicago and finally Miami where he was arrested.

This tells me that Israel has to be more than careful about armed dissinence in Judea and Samaria. All are not peaceful there.

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