Friday, January 21, 2011

Terrorists Working from Inside USA Against Israel

Nadene Goldfoot

A radical iman, Mohammed Qatanani, is the head of one of New Jersey's largest mosque. He has participated in rallies and programs against Israel. Last March demonstrators chanted calling for Israel's destruction, a chant used at pro-Palestinian rallies. They call for a Palestine state that stretches from the Jordan River to the Mediterrnean Sea, completely doing away with Israel. Qatanani told the people at his rally that Palestine will be free one day and that they would "see it very soon by your actions, by your standing for justice; justice, freedom, the liberation of the land will be very soon".

One of his close friends is Governor Chris Christie, Republican, who praised him at a Ramadan breakfast at the mosque when he was the US attorney. When the governor was the US Attorney, Fort Dix defendants were accused and then convicted of plotting a mass casualty attack on the New Jersey military base as an act of jihad. Christie later said his office was not a party to the case but that after 9/11 he had found the iman to be very helpful in strengthening relations with the community. However, his bio states: "One of Chris’s finest moments was when he led the team that thwarted terrorists' plans to attack our military men and women at Fort Dix".

The iman preceding Qatanani, Mohammed El-Mezain, was convicted of illegally routing millions of dollars to Hamas in 2008. Qatanani himself has supported Hamas and was even related by marriage to a leading Hamas operative in Judea/Samaria. Qatanani had to return to a New Jeresey immigration court where the Department of Homeland Security was trying to have him deported. When he originally filed for a green card in 1999, he failed to disclose a conviction in an Israeli military court for being a Hamas member and providing support to them.

During the trial, Christie's assistant US attorney, Charles B. McKenna, testified as a character witnesss for Qatanani. Other support came from sheriffs of Bergen and Passaic counties and Rep. Bill Pascrell, Democrat. Qatanani admitted that the was in an Israeli prison for 3 months but didn't disclose this. He also admitted being in the Muslim Brotherhood, leaving in 1991 as he had no time. This group works at spreading Islamic law, like a grand jihad to eliminate and destroy Western civilization and make their religion over all others. However, strangely, the judge ruled for Qatanani. in 2008, not accepting Israel's documents. In 2009 this was overturned and that the Israeli evidence was authentic.

An alien who supported a terrorist organization is inadmissible to the USA. This type of misrepresentation is used to deport people. Governor Christie has supported Islamists such as Qatanani and a Sohail Mohammed, who he nominated to be a state judge. Mohammed represented clients who were alleged to be connected to terrorists. and so is a counsel to the American Muslim Union or AMU. One of their newsletters claimed that a Zionist commando orchestrated the 9/11/terrorist attacks. This is the type of conspiracy theory being thrown about against Jews today. In a state which is 37% Catholic, New Jersey's Jews make up 2% and Muslims 1% of the population. New Jersey has the 2nd largest Jewish population in the states. The first is New York.

I can only ask why Governor Christie isn't more cautious in his dealings. What's in it for him? Why did all those people testify for Mohammed and Qatanani? Homeland Security has known for a long time about them. While certain Muslims complain of courts using words such as "Islamic militants" by telling us not to equate actions with religion, part of that is right. Not all Muslims are militants. However, the militants just so happen to be Muslims, so this is going to happen. The Chinese families instill in their children to be good and not bring shame to their families. What are the Muslim parents doing? This is a philosophy all should take to heart. Children can harm the good name of a family by their actions. In the Muslim world, there are a lot of things going on that are against our government, both here and in Israel. Another example is a longtime professor at the U. of South Florida, Al-Arian, who pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to provide goods and services to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. He's the leader of the group and is Muslim. Jihad comes from Islam. It is designed to destroy us; our religion, and our culture with Islam taking over. Not all Muslims may be involved, but those that are are very influential. Where are the Muslim groups that are counteracting it?
Update: 1/27/11: Mohammed Qatanani, Palestinian, is facing deportation. He has a trial coming up in May in Newark. He continues to say that "West Bank" occupation is unacceptble and that he is not a silent man on this matter. He also stated that he was not detained in Israel so that's why he didn't put it on the form for the states.
I'm upset with anyone that is not willing to make peace with Israel who is living in Judea/Samaria. If Palestinians are unhappy about the occupation, they shouldn't have ganged up on Israel and attacked her in 1967. Qatanani should have urged Abbas to sit down with Netanyahu and discuss peace instead of instigating riots calling Israel's destruction.


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Unknown said...

Why do you write about the Imam the way you do? Why the fear? Have you ever met this man? No one in New Jersey has worked harder for furthering interfaith dialogue, understanding and peace. I'm an Episcopal priest and a close personal friend of this man. I know his wife and his children. You have no idea of what griefers have put this family through. Why do you write when you are totally ignorant of this individual. If you dare to meet the man, I would be happy to arrange it. If you won't, then don't claiming to be righteous or a defender of freedom. Stop slandering him.