Monday, January 31, 2011

Gaza Fires 2 Grad Rockets Into Israel

Nadene Goldfoot

Grad rockets are the bigger kind than the usual rocket. One was fired into Netivot which is 9 miles east of Gaza and another into Ofakin which is 15 miles from Gaza. The terrorists most likely get them from Iran. There was damage but no one was hurt.

Netivot is a city in the southern part of Israel with about 26,700 people. They have 11 high schools. Sderot is to its north and Ofakin is to the south. Rabbi Yisrael Abuhatzseira is buried here. This Moroccan tzaddik and kabbalist, known as Baba Sali, died in 1984. Many people come here to pay their respects and to pray at his tomb.

Ofakin is 20 kilometers or less than 20 miles west of Bersheba with a population of 24,800. It's made up mostly of North African, Indian, Russian and Ethiopian Jews. The city has 8 high schools. It has one of the 14 tennis centers in Israel with 6 courts. A soccer stadium is also in this city.


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