Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting Real About Gaza

Nadene Goldfoot

Some people in my city of Portland have mistaken ideas about what is going on between Gaza and Israel.

Israel moved all their Jewish citizens out of Gaza in order to give land for peace,but that wasn’t the result. Israel has been under bombardment ever since this move. In this year of 2010, there has not been a month that has gone by that Israel has not been hit with rockets and mortars from Gaza.

Gaza’s Hamas will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Their charter says that they intend to wipe Israel out. Their aim is to destroy Israel.

They have declared themselves to be in a state of war with Israel. Yet people ask that Israel should let Gaza live. How about letting Israel live?

A Gazan petition circulating asks that Gazans should be allowed to import cement and steel to produce goods in Gaza. This is something that Israel has restricted them from. The only thing they seem to be building are tunnels which are used to receive weapons such as rockets and mortars. Israelis are not naive. No recognition of Israel; no cement and steel, weapons of war.

Gazans say they want to earn money on exports. They need to earn a living by selling products. Why then did they destroy the hothouses Israelis left for them. All the business that Israelis had were left whole for them to take over, but instead they destroyed them. Many of the Gazans are on the dole, receiving aid from the United Nations. It would be about time that they thought of earning an honest living and working. However, the only group possibly having a chance for doing this are the Fatah Palestinians which are not connected to Gaza anymore, supposedly.

Now Gazans want to travel and visit the West Bank? Isn’t that interesting. They kicked out Abbas and wouldn’t follow him as their leader because he wasn’t violent enough. Now they want to visit? What they want is to infiltrate and cause the Fatah group to start attacking Israel.

Who do people think they are kidding who sign such a petition? What they are asking for are ways to attack Israel, not help out the Gazans. Why don’t they circulate a petition to get the Palestinians to accept Israel in their neighborhood as a Jewish state instead of making constant war?

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