Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Confrontation over Israel and "Settlements"

Nadene Goldfoot

Instead of meeting with Israel about peace discussions, Abbas prefered to approach the U.N. Security Council and asked them to debate Israel's building in Jerusalem and most likely Judea and Samaria on Wednesday. At least that was his plan for today.

Obama has already chastised Netanyahu from Indonesia, the world's #1 country with a Muslim majority of 228,582,000 people who have 86.1%Sunni Muslim population, over future building plans in Jerusalem, our sovereign capital. I say this because the Indonesians are probably not feeling very friendly toward Israel. They don't allow Jews in their country. That was the prelude to Hillary Clinton going to Israel on Thursday to warn Netanyahu about the "Jewish settlement building plans" that they consider wrong because she and Obama think it clouds hopes to renew peace talks.

Personally, I think Abbas has made it perfectly clear that he has no intention of entering into any peace talks when he can appeal to the U.N. who most likely will be very sympathetic, as so many of them are from Muslim countries and hate Israel.

The pressure that Netanyahu has had to endure is incredible, but he managed to show his strength with the declaration reminding the world that Jerusalem is our capital and that Israel is a sovereign nation and he never said he would not build in Jerusalem. He also made it clear that Jerusalem is not a settlement.

Netanyahu has even spoken with Henry Kissinger about this. Everyone is hopeful that they will have a productive meeting.

I think it is sickening that our President is not listening to our case but instead is siding with the very people who have been attacking us for so long and who more than just covet our land, religiously just want us to be blown away. Can the world get any weirder?


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