Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korea Shells South Korean Border

How Do They Respond?

North Korea just fired near the border of South Korea.

"South Korea says it has scrambled F-16 fighter jets and returned fire after North Korea shot dozens of rounds of artillery onto a populated South Korean island near the countries' western border, according to The Associated Press."

That's a first shelling and the reaction of South Korea was immediate. South Korea hasn't had to be under the gun for the past 11 months like Israel has. There hasn't been a month of this past year that Israel hasn't been shelled. Israel endured years of shelling with small reprisals on their part that always brought about condemnation from the International world. This is what brought about Israel's short Cast Lead intervention in trying to stop the shelling on Southern Israel.

North Korea now has atomic ability. Perhaps they're showing who is in control. They seem to be mirroring Iran.

Two countries are trying to live despite being attacked by enemies. They both realize that you can't let an attack go unpunished without a reprisal.

11/24/10: The United States is prodding China to be pivital in restraining North Korea. This is after one bombing on South Korea. What did the US do after the Palestinian's first attack on Israel, I might ask? How about after 6 years of bombing? How about after each bombing all this year? Instead, Israel gets the pressure to cave into illegal demands. I get it. Start an attack if you're not Israel and then you get praise and backing. Israel, the world's scapegoat, gets judged differently than the rest of the world.

11/25/10 After finding out that 4 people had actually been killed in the attack, things are really popping. The Defense Minister, Kim Tae-young, has resigned over complaints that he was too slow to retaliate, and it is thought that the two Koreas, Russia, China, Japan and the USA should be now brought in for talks. I wonder why, when Israel was first attacked by the Palestinians, the world didn't react quickly like with Korea. I guess they just care more about it. They know that Israel is sane and would not use atomic arms, but North Korea is undependable. I notice that the stock market is being affected by this attack, too. I get the feeling that when Israel is attacked, no one misses a meal over it except the Israelis.

10/25/10 It's all South Korea's fault for engaging in War Games with USA claims North Korea. Of course their gaining nuclear capabilities has nothing to do with it.

10/26/10 28,000 American troops are kept in South Korea for protection. North Korea just broke the law again by firing warning shots. They don't want the war games with US to proceed.






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