Thursday, November 04, 2010

USA's $60 Billion Deal Selling Arms to Saudi Arabia
Nadene Goldfoot

Way back in the first part of September the news was that the USA was selling $60 billion dollars worth of arms to Saudi Arabia. The reason behind it was because of their threat from Iran. Israel was not protesting because supposedly the jets involved in the sale lacked long range weapons systems and were of a lower grade that those sold to Israel.

The deal includes 84 new F-15 fighter planes, and nearly 200 Apache, Black Hawk and Little Bird helicopters, as well as upgrades for 70 fighter planes. The deal also would include a satellite-guided “smart bomb” system, as well as anti-ship and anti-radar missiles. It will take five to 10 years to complete the deal, according to reports.Read more:

The USA is also giving Saudi Arabia the message that we can take care of their security needs without them going nuclear.

Several of our congress members were against the sale such as Weiner of NY, Berkly and Carney as well as Republican members.

Congress had 30 days to review the deal and could block or amend it, but it looks like just a few are against it, so it may pass. Israel has been told that they will have the upper edge.

The USA has been trying to supply Arab nations with arms to protect them against Iran. My concern is that they do not get into the hands of militants and be used against Israel, instead.

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