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Kings Abdullah I and II and Connections with Their Neighbor, Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
King Abdullah II of Jordan has been together about 4 times in the past 5 years with Prime Minister  Netanyahu of Israel with much to discuss.  They met just last week to talk about peace negotiations and the Civil War in Syria.  They were also very concerned about the chemical weapons Syria might be using soon.  This was the 2nd visit they had together in the past two months.

On May 14, 2009 they were together at the Royal Palace at Port City of Aqaba to meet and talk.  They renewed their meeting in 2010.  Netanyahu didn't extend the 10 month constuction freeze they had in the West Bank as nothing helped matters with the Palestinian Arabs.

 Golda Meir had a perilous secret meeting with King Abdullah I of Transjordan, just before the Arab invasion which was a dramatic attempt for last minute conciliation.  It was on May 10, 1948, four days before the official establishment of the state, Meir traveled to Amman disguised as an Arab woman for a secret meeting with King Abdullah  at which she urged him not to join the other Arab countries in attacking the Jews. Abdullah asked her not to hurry to proclaim a state. Meir replied: "We've been waiting for 2,000 years. Is that hurrying?"

In 1970, Israel helped Jordan by stopping the Syrians from making a move on the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan at a time when the USA was involved with Vietnam  and couldn't commit troops to protect Jordan, an Arab ally.

Jordan was the 2nd country to sign a peace treaty with Israel on October 26, 1994.  Jordanians had been entering Israel and working, then going back home to Jordan.

King Abdullah II is of the Hashemite Kingdom, a direct descendant of Muhammed through his daughter, Fatima and her husband Ali bin Abi Talib's elder son Hasan.  Ali ibn Abi Talib was also the Prophet's paternal first cousin and the 4th caliph of Islam.  Ali and Fatima had 2 sons:  Al-Hassan and Al-Hussesin.  The direct descendants of their eldest son, Hassan, are known as "Sharifs" (nobles), while the descendants of Hussein are called "Sayyids." (lords.).  The royal family of Jordan, the Hashemites, is descended through the Sharifian branch of lineage.  King Abdullah II is a descendant of Hasan, not Husain.  King Abdullah II is a Sharif."

 There are over 800 million Muslims in the world with about 5,568,565 living in Jordan and about 14 million Jews of which 6 million reside in Israel.

Reference:  Ashir Khan 

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