Friday, August 12, 2011

 Palestine: Partner-to-be of Lebanon's Attack on Israel
Nadene Goldfoot
Lebanon has  become a terrorist stronghold supplied by Syria and obeying Iran, Ron Paul's "innocent" country.  They now have 50,000 rockets ready to use against Israel which is four times more than they had in 2006.  Villages near the border are now armed fortresses. 

I remember when I lived in Safed and was on my way on a bus down the mountain in 1982 going to the hospital in Haifa to see about my broken arm when I saw our Israeli tanks and trucks on their way up.  They were going into Lebanon as the Palestinians terrorists had been killing the Lebanese Christian militia and Israelis who were helping Israel guard the border.  Sharon allowed his Christian Lebanese friend, Major Hadad and his men go in his place and they shocked us all by massacring their enemy  which got Israel into a lot of trouble. 

Hezbollah, the Party of Allah, took over in May 2000 which in reality was a Shiite Muslim group with the backing of Iran fighting against the Sunni Muslims, Christians and Druze of Lebanon.  They went on to kill 241 US servicemen in Beirut.  By July they ambushed and killed 10 Israelis on the border.  Thousands of rockets were fired into Israel, killing 43 civilians.  Our great UN peacekeepers took over a month to impose a cease fire.  The Security Council Resolution 1701 allowed the international peacekeeping force to allow the enemy to get only 4 kilometers or 2.4 miles  from Israel's border. 

If Palestine were an official state it would be able to aid and abet Lebanon against Israel as they both would have the same goal.  Palestinian terrorists are already being supplied by Iran with rockets and missles as it is. 
Hezbolla trains Hamas militants and also works on arming Fatah and the Islamic Jihad.  Iran gives them diplomatic aid and weapons as well as $100 million per year for extras. 

Right now Hezbollah has missiles from Iran capable of hitting all of Israel's ports and oil rigs off shore.  Between smuggling arms to Gaza by their friends, Israel's navy has to guard off-shore activities as well. 

A large Muslim population lives in the Tri Border area of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, known as the TBA.  The State Deppartment is investigating the possibility that Hezbollah and Hamas are fundraising there as it is known for its arms and drug traffic in this corridor.   

The Sunni Muslims (Fatah and Hamas of Gaza and Judea/Samaria) and Shiite Muslims (Hezbollah  of Lebanon/Iran) are enemies at heart.  Look at what happened in Lebanon between the two groups.  During the Iraq-Iran War that started on September 22, 1980 a half million soldiers and civilians died from then till August of 1988 when it ended.  Iran  is 98% Shi'a and is an Islamic State and a theocracy while Iraq was 97% Shi'a/Sunni  with a state religiion and supposedly had a parliamentary democracy.  It was more a Shiite versus Sunni fight.  Iran may be backing these Sunnis now, but once in their pocket will overtake them.  Perhaps that is why they may be testing the waters of another arms supplier. 

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