Monday, August 15, 2011

Palestinian Refugee Camp in Syria for 63 Years
Nadene Goldfoot
What is unbelievable to me is that ever since 1948, some "Arabs that were living in Palestine" have remained in  Refugee camps without ever becoming a member of another Arab country.  They would rather remain as refugees.  The UN seems to be complicit in this as well, not helping them to integrate into another society.  It's a matter of feeding the goals of their political masters.

Syria is on a rampage killing their own citizens who were engaging in the Arab Spring.  Now these refugees are caught in the tummult.  Between 5,000 and 10,000 have fled,  reported Christopher Guness, spoksesman for the UNRWA agency which cares for the Palestinian refugees.  So many people on refugee status!  What do they do all day and what does the person who cares for them do?  It's more like an Indian Reservation.  Our Native Americans did not fare very well at all on the Reservations.  Alcoholism became rampant with them.  They were hunters and could no longer practice their skills.  So what are the Arabs doing all day and all night?  They are most likely not working.  They still continue to receive funds from the UN as the longest known refugee status people in the world.  They are on their 3rd generation of people on welfare who have not been preparing to take care of themselves.  Their numbers have grown considerably. 

Now they are on the run and their caretaker is very worried about them as some have been reported as dead and nearly 20 are injured.  Ramallah is a city in Judea/Samaria.  The head honcho (Palestinian presidency) there urged Damascus, Syria to protect the lives of the refugees in al-Raml camp in Latakia.  Latakia has been seeing Syrian tanks and armored vehicles around the dissident neighborhoods.  Services were cut before their security forces raided, made arrests and bombed, reported the residents.  Shelling had renewed on the Palestinian refugees in the districts of Al-Raml al-Filistini and al-Shaab.  There was heavy machine gun firing.  Latakia became besieged, stopping people from leaving.  Some Palestinians had fled their refugee camp on orders from the Syrian authorities, a U.N. official said. 

Syrian soldiers are up in arms about terrorists using arms and dynamite reported Ayman Kasser, Syrian soldier who was shot in the leg when gunmen attacked his unit.  Others reported that the regime is finishing off armed gangs.  This unrest in Syria, which is Israel's neighbor, has caused 2,000 deaths so far.  The citizens want their President Assad of an Authoritarian Republic out.  Syria is home to 19,405,000 Sunni Arabs. 

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