Monday, August 15, 2011

Brain Washing Inside Palestinian Schools
Nadene Goldfoot
How does a state find so many willing martyrs ready to become walking bombs?  They start brainwashing children at a very early age.  This was displayed in a Palestinian kindergarten ceremony in a play put on by the children.  It was called "The Martyr's Wedding".  When they speak of the Martyr for Allah, they mean that he marries the 72 dark-eyed virgins of Paradise.   In this play that delighted the audience, they acted out roadblocks, occupation soldiers, and the death of the children as martyrs.  Then the audience did cry.  This is called Shalada, which is promoting the Islamic value of Martydom for Allah. 

They are taught and sing about a Palestine that had been their home "no, it would not make us forget (Palestine).  Not at all."  This happens to be a lie, as there has never been a state of Palestine.  Most of them immigrated into the countryside when the Jews had returned and were building the cities once again.  They are not learning the true history of the country, only the make believe stories of their leaders.   Perhaps they are copying a prayer that Jews have been saying since the fall of Jerusalem in 70CE that says "May I lose my right hand if I forget Jerusalem".  However, taking one's own life is the last thing that a Jew would do.  For a Jew, L'Chaim is our favorite word which means "To Life!" 

Reference: from Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Ziberdik

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