Saturday, August 20, 2011

3 Egyptian Soldiers Killed by Being in Line of Fire In Midst of Major Assault on Southern Israel
Nadene Goldfoot
Israel was attacked by terrorists in Southern Israel.  Israeli soldiers and the air force have told them that when they kill Israeli citizens they will retaliate.  In the act of chasing after the terrorists who had got away and were entering Egypt, the 3 Egyptian soldiers must have been in the line of fire of a shootout between the terrorists and Israelis and were accidently killed.  Israel has apologized profusely.

The reply from Egypt is that their ambassador is being recalled from Israel and Israel's embassy was under mob attack.  The Muslim Brotherhood, main political party with clout has replied that this was a crime.  They said that what happened before the revolution will not be tolerated now after the revolution. 

Israel had made peace with Sadat and Hosni Mubarak also signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979.  Part of the peace agreement was that Egypt was to have restricted number of troops in the Sinai.  Last week they moved thouslands of troops into the Sinai Peninsula against al-Qaida inspired terrorists and even arrested 22 Islamic militants.

Today Israel was hit by 2 more rockets; one in the Pitchat Shalom region and the other in Shaar Ha Negev region.  Since July 1st 26 rockets have been fired from Gaza. 

Saturday's attack by Hamas terrorists in Beersheba Ofakin caused injuries to a baby, a 9 year old and a young man in his 20's.  A rocket had hit the roof of a home and caused shrapnel injuries.  Another hit a car as well, while yet another hit a business building.  Hamas announced that the end of the two year truce was here.  Reports that 80 some rockets have been fired at Israel already.  Haaretz reports that since Thursday there have been 50 Qassam rockets, Grad missiles and mortar shells  fired into southern Israel.  There has been a death and 4 wounded in one attack with 26 people treated for shock.  Israel is being attacked not only by Hamas terrorists but another branch of them called the Popular Resistance Committee. 

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