Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Middle East Logic in Gaza: Why Terrorists Have Suddenly Attacked Israel Again
Nadene Goldfoot
Southern Israel has been suffering from a massive attack of missiles and  rockets that have rained down on them, killing and destroying.  The reason is that the Arab Hamas and Fatah leaders are planning on going to the UN on September 22nd for recognition of their nation of Palestine.

So why suddenly attack Israel?  The Arab terrorists are attacking Israel for the prime purpose of getting Israel to retaliate.  Then they will be able to say: "We condemn the Israeli offensive on Gaza and Egypt's land."  This was actually what they did say to reporters in Cairo, Egypt.  "The U.N. has to take procedures to stop the Israeli offensive on Gaza", they declared.

Abbas has already called on the U.N. to get an emergency meeting organized to discuss Israel's air strikes.

Israel had warned Gaza terrorists that when they attack Israel with their missiles and such, Israel will respond with air strikes.  Israel bombs places where the missiles come from and tunnels that bring in weapons.  It does not go after population centers.  So in their warped thinking, the terrorists think they are able to declare Israel the culprit.  And the world thinks that only Gadaffi in Libya is insane.  I just hope that the U.N. is aware of the differences between offensive and defensive moves. 

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