Friday, July 23, 2010

UN coming Down on Israel But Not North Korea

Israel had to board 6 foreign ships coming into Gaza which might all have been carrying weapons for the Gazan Arabs who have been firing missiles at Israel for the past six years plus. The last ship, the biggest, attacked the Israeli sailors who in turn when defending themselves happened to kill about 11 of these terrorists. It was done in self-defense. It was noted on videos.

Israel held their own inquiry, not trusting the U.N. to do so fairly due to the last Goldman report on the Gazan : Operation Cast Lead when Israel after taking 6 years of constant attacks turned around and went into Gaza militarily but was reprehended by this South African Jewish judge from the United Nations.

The United Nations, however, is continuing to hold another inquiry with prosecutor De Silva speaking for them. I have a very strong feeling that it will not be fair or honest. The United Nations is top-heavy with Arabs.

I note that North Korea recently sunk a South Korean ship. This act killed 46 sailors. The United States is having a four-day drill starting on Sunday, and this is Friday. We have been threatened by North Korea. All that I see done to North Korea are sanctions. Are there any UN investigations on them?

Resource: N & S Korea.

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