Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Israel's Partner, Chairman Abbas

by Nadene Goldfoot
Do I see any chance of peace with this partner? President Mahmoud Abbas became the head of Fatah because he was an underling of Yasser Arafat. He was formerly known as Abu Mazen. People think of him today as a moderate because he has broken away from Hamas, who is still fighting against Israel. Being Arafat's first deputy, he was an engineer of Palestinian hate eduction, still being used by terrorists.
He has a Ph.D from Moscow University. That's Russia, not Idaho His thesis was Holocaust Denial. He was trained by the KGB and managed the logistics of the Munich Massacre in 1972 of the 11 Israeli athletes. No wonder he praised the organizer of that slaughter yesterday when he passed away. (See yesterday's blog article).

As a clever man, he planned PLO ties with communists until 1989 against interests of all; Israel, America and even Arab interests. Up to 1993 he worked with Hamas.

In the 70's and 80's he tried to topple the Christian regime in Beirut resulting in the 1976 invasion of Lebanon by Syria and civil war. 200,000 died and hundreds of thousands became refugees from this. The PLO murdered 300 US Marines in 1983 on the US Embassy and Marine Headquarters in Beirut.
Jordan had a war with Palestinians who just about took over their state. King Hussein had to deal with their "Black September Movement when they tried to usurp his government. Nevertheless, he has married a Palestinian lady whose parents were immigrants to the states.

Yesterday Abbas stated to the other Arab states that if they fight Israel, he is in favor. He said that the Palestinians cannot fight Israel alone. He doesn't want the "West Bank"-which is Judea and Samaria-to be destroyed again. Was he trying to instigate them? Here Netanyahu is speaking with Obama and he's challenging other Arabs to attack Israel.

Funny, but all the Arab states tried this back in 1948 for starters and failed. Then the Palestininas, much fewer in number at that time, hoped for the same reward. They were told that the Arab armies would take over Israel and then they could take over their homes. Looks like to me that they're hoping for a repeat performance with a different ending. So what about having some peace, Abbas? How good is your word? Possibly this man is the only choice we get. I don't see him as having any feeling for Jews, in fact of all Arabs he would seem to have the least respect. To me it's so irrational to have such a thesis and believe in it with all the facts out in the open proving the opposite, and to have been done in Russia of all places. If he behaves sincerely about peace, I would think that he's just a very good actor. Time will prove his intentions, as his resume shows otherwise. Yesterday's actions were not headed in the right direction.

As Dr. Daniel Pipes said in his article, When will we stop deluding ourselves that Abbas and the PA seek anything less than the total elimination of the Jewish state? What disaster must occur before we open our eyes to reality?

Reference: PMW Bulletin Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
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