Monday, July 26, 2010

Palestine: Too Big A Risk
Commenting on Mort Zuckerman's viewpoint of a two state solution
Israel is being asked to take such a huge risk in advancing the idea of a two-state solution. Creating an Arab Palestine right alongside of Israel is an act of suicide.
First off, there is no unification of the two aspects of Palestinians. They are of opposing views and power, with Abbas in the West Bank subject to the force of Hamas's Gazan terrorism. There is no organization that can stop this terrorism except Israel itself.
The area is too small. It's like moving in a nestful of hornets under your bedroom window and expecting them to stay in place. Sooner or later they'll find the hole and crawl through like they did at my mother's home.
You just cannot rely on U.N. peacekeeping forces. They turn tail at every little provocation. They've done it every time so far.
What makes me so angry is that when Israel left the Gaza in 2005 Bush wrote a commitment that the US would recognize Israel's right to secure, recognized and defensible borders. Obama reiterated this pledge when campaigning but since then has disavowed it. Clinton has said that the pledge didn't become part of the official position. Obama and Clinton ignores the fact that this was in the 242 Resolution and Bush unequivocally provided guarantees to Sharon if we withdrew from Gaza. How soon they forget or ignore! The Bush letter has approved by both houses of Congress but our present administration repudiates it. This reminds me of the days of Indian treaties that were broken by our government. So Israel has lost its trust of our government. At least I have in regards to Israel's well being.
I've read in other sources that there are many Arabs living in East Jerusalem that are very happy being Israeli citizens. They wouldn't have it any other way. Perhaps that has to be the solution to this mess for the disgruntled Arabs there. Somehow the West Bank Arabs must come under the jurisdiction of Israel and become good citizens as these others are. They have more freedoms and know they are better off. Someday down the pike, things like their own state could be considered if they find it's so necessary. However, first and foremost, Israel's security has to come first. We can't allow another area to be in terrorist hands that can destroy Israel.
Reference: Prerequisites for a two-state solution by Mort Zuckerman: I hope you read this one-it's terrific.

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