Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fatah Palestinian Honors Killers of Israelis
by Nadene Goldfoot

King David's old empire of bible days has been reinstituted in a tiny section of it known as the state of Israel. After 2,000 years of patience, hard work and near extinction, Israel was born in 1948 as the world's only Jewish state. By September 5, 1972, Israelis attended and participated in the Munich Olympics, a sport event taken from the Greek Olympics. However, because our state and athletes were Jews, a Palestinian terror organization, Black September, kidnapped and murdered 11 of the athletes and coaches. Oudeh, or Abu Daoud, planned the attack and was never remorseful for it. He just died before his 70th birthday.

Chairman Mahmoud Abbas of the Fatah group honors and glorifies this Daoud as a Palestinian hero and role model. This is not the first terrorist who has killed Israeli citizens who has been honored by Fatah. Abbas has expressed pride in training Hezbollah terrorists, sent greeting to Palestinian terrorists in Israeli prisons and funded a computer center named after Dalal Mughrabi where 37 Israeli civilians were killed.

Fatah honors killers of Israelis and yet expects to be Israel's neighbor. What sort of neighborliness can I expect to see from this close association? This is who Obama is pushing at Israel. Netanyahu is expected to negotiate with this person.

Israel just altered the Gazan blockade allowing in just about everything except articles that can be used against Israel, yet Hamas makes no bones about wanting Israel wiped off the map which has been their stand from the get go, before Israel had to create a blockade. Israel is always the one to give without receiving any promises in return, or promises that are valid, anyway.

Has there been a turnaround preparing Palestinians living in Judea and Samaria to be good neighbors to Israel? Has there been any type of programs of inducing people to get along, or any change in their educational program such as books to show something other than hatred which they now have? Abbas, as a role model, is showing the very opposite in glorifying these killers. That wouldn't get him an invite to my house.
Comment: 6pm Tuesday evening: Netanyahu even commented to Obama today that a political settlement of peace, coupled with security and prosperity "requires that the Palestinian Authority prepare its people for peace--school, textbooks, and so on."
Speaking about Christian evangelicals helping Jews with their grapes in Samaria, Palestinians got into a fight with them and said this about it, "“These people are filled with ideas that this is the Promised Land and their duty is to help the Jews,” said Izdat Said Qadoos of the neighboring Palestinian village. “It is not the Promised Land. It is our land.” There is much history to explain to these Palestinians.

Resource: PMW Bulletin pmw@palwatch.org Abbas honor mastermind of Munich Olympics massacre: "Wonderful brother, companion" from Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik.
The White House Office of the Press Secretary: remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel in Joint Press Availability.

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