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Why Certain Goods Are Banned From Gaza 2010

Why Certain Goods Are Banned From Gaza
by Nadene Goldfoot
Some question has been raised as to why Israel has banned nutmeg, sage, caramom, cumin , coriander and ginger from Gaza. Though Benjamin Netanyahu failed to call me, Nahama, who sits safely in Oregon for advice, I believe I know why; or at least can give you the reason why I would do so.

There happens to be a war going on. Israel, which is I'm told anywhere from 1/10 to 1/3 the size of Oregon, has the Gaza Strip sitting on its border occupied with Hamas terrorists who have sworn to eradicate both the country and the people. They are not about to make peace. They have demonstrated this by attacking Israel for the past three years by shooting missiles and kassam rockets into it to the point where Israel had to conduct Operation Cast Lead, which is when they went into Gaza in force with its army in trying to stop the attacks.

Even now, though the operation was halted, the missiles keep on coming in. So there's no mistaking their resolve to hate Israel. They have managed to get supplies in through many ways, by ship, and by having tunnels where they get their weapons.

So Israel can't go in and wipe them out or they're condemned at every attempt of self preservation and protection. What else can they do? Earlier, they told terrorists that the result of their terrorism would be to have their homes demolished. Comdemnation flew in from all the do-gooders. What now? I believe they decided to keep basic supplies and necessities going into Gaza as they are a humanitarian people, but to keep certain goodies out. The reason for this is to make the population realize that if they would sign a peace pact with Israel they could again have those goodies.

Thus spices were kept out because they are so important in Arabic cooking. I see that chocolate and potato chips are on the list as well as toys. I'm not sure if this list is correct, but it's what's floating around on the internet. If this is the case it is to bring pressure from the children onto the parents to make peace with Israel. This would be a change from the brain-washing they receive in their schools and family of learning how evil and horrible Jews are and deserve to be killed.

Remember, Israelis are suffering from this Russian roulette life of wondering if they're going to be hit and when at any moment. This is not making them a relaxed people. They're tense! Going without spices and potato chips isn't half that bad. The way to a man's heart is supposed to be through his stomach. I hope they start thinking of the time before Hamas when they had these things to eat and do the right thing by making peace.

I can imagine how Russia or China would handle a situation like this if they had a neighbor constantly shooting at them. I bet they wouldn't be half as nice.

6/9/10 Another thought-the kidnapped soldier, Gilad, has not been released by Hamas. This is also a possibility for another reason of holding back certain items. Release Gilad and we'll release certain products. Nothing else has worked or induced Hamas to free him.

6/7/2010 I have another thought as to why certain items are banned. It could be that these things such as spices are too similar to powders used to make explosives, and too hard for dogs to deal with, ruining their noses in finding contraband. Also, other items can be where bombs have been found in. I know that I saw a police exhibit in Safed showing all the items that bombs had been hidden in.
6/9/10 easing up of certain items but not cement

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