Friday, June 18, 2010

Revealing Turkey's Ambitions

Nadene Goldfoot
January 2009: Prime Minister of Turkey Erdogan walked out of debate with Israel's Peres in Switzerland.
October 11, 2009: Turkey excluded Israel in international air force exercises. Then the USA pulled out, also.
January of this year Turkey showed their being a turncoat against Israel by airing a TV program called "Valley of the Wolves" which showed a horrible play of Israelis kidnapping Turkish babies and attacking old men. It included assassinating the Israeli ambassador.

On June 16th Turkey sent hundreds of troops followed by their warplanes into N. Iraq to go after Kurdish guerrillas, killing four after they had attacked a Turkish unit near the border. They have had continuing raids on Kurds, last in February 2008. 40,000 people have been killed since 1984. Turkey says they are defending themselves against a terrorist organization. What the Kurds have wanted for a very long time is their own state. Kurds are the closest to Jews by dna in the Middle East. They have supported us, and we had been supporting them.

You'd think that Turkey would be sympathetic to its old friend, Israel, but no, they were the ones who organized the six ship flotilla. Actually, it was organized by the Turkish Islamist terrorist group, IHH. Nine of their activists were killed in the planned attack on Israel in the act of attacking the Israeli soldiers boarding their ship. Israel was told they were a peaceful group, but they attacked these young men with metal bars, axes and knives causing them to defend themselves.

"In his footage, taken on board the Mavi Marmari on 30May2010, IHH leader Bulent Yildirim clearly instructs his followers to throw the Israeli commandos overboard when they land on the ship. His speech was made in Turkish and repeated in Arabic by a translator."

Turkey is claiming new friends, Iran and Syria, so has turned against Israel and the West. They have a Muslim majority now, but had been secular before. They have the chutzpa to call on the international community to punish Israel for the "bloody massacre" when they were the ones yielding the knives, etc.
Now Turkey gets some of Iran's enriched uranium in a swap so that Iran can avoid sanctions. Brazil is in on the deal, too. Hillary has called this a transparent ploy. One must remember that during WWI, Turkey was on the German's axis side of the war.

Israel Ministry of foreign Affairs

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