Monday, June 21, 2010

Blockading Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel has lifted the 3 year old blockade on most all goods entering Gaza, keeping out weapons or things with a military use. The big change is in allowing building materials that could have become part of the tunnels supplying terrorists with weapons. Now projects in Gaza will have international supervision. Cement was one of the items banned before. Before the flotilla blockade, the international community was doing nothing to assist Israel in its defense procedures.

However, back in the United States we see that in the port in Oakland, California, protesters against Israel are picketing because an Israeli ship is due to arrive. They intend to stop the ship from being unloaded. the longshoremen have agreed to not crossing the picket line. What are they protesting? Could it be that they want the Gazans to have weapons against Israel?

6/21/10 I just read that the UN wants the whole blockade lifted to get building materials in Gaza, plus they want to enter at a bigger entrance way, probably to avoid checking for weapons and such. Everyone is getting into the act and against Israel in her desperate endeavor to protect itself. We know that the terrorists are not planning on stopping their attacks on Israel. They just feel encumbered in their ability to get weapons, now. It would be wonderful if they were a peaceful lot who just wanted to live and rebuild, but living graciously isn't in their plans-with many not even wanting to live to a ripe old age. The sad part is that the UN is not an unbiased group. They are top-heavy with Palestinian sympathizers.

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