Friday, June 25, 2010

Iran and Lebanon Testing the Waters With Another Flotilla
Iran has not stopped trying to destroy Israel. It's latest maneuver is to join Lebanon's "irresponsible" flotilla to break the blockade of Gaza.
Iran arms, funds and trains the terrorist Hamas in Gaza. Israel got out of there in 2005 and since then, more than 6,500 rockets and mortars have been fired by Hamas into Israel. We caved into pressure from the USA and Europe and our leaving meant losing more than our homes there. It only instigated Hamas's hell-bent actions of destroying Israel.
Gaza has never been without food-only weapon materials with Israel's blockade of it. About 15 tons of supplies have entered Gaza weekly from Israel. Despite what Hamas tries to make out, Israel is an extremely humanitarian society and would not do to others that they would not have happen to them. However, its enemies are using this idea as a means to weaken Israel, thus a second try with a flotilla from several countries like Lebanon. Lebanon's ship is supposed to leave Tripoli for Gaza. The head of "Free Palestine" Yasser Qashlaq, an organizer of the ship Naji Al Ali, said "A day will come when the ships will carry the remainder of the European garbage which came to my homeland (Israel) and return them to their homelands. Gilad Shalit (today is the anniversary of the 4th year he has been held prisoner) will go back to Paris and those murderers (the leaders of Israel) will go back to Poland (has he been speaking with Lebanese connected Helen Thomas, former reporter?). Egypt's Al-Ahram newspaper said Qashlaq is the main donor of this coming flotilla.
Hamas continues to brainwash its children with hatred for Israelis. "This week Haaretz reported on a new hit children's song that is making waves throughout the Arab world. Called, "When we die as martyrs," the song is sung by a children's choir called "Birds of Paradise." In a YouTube video of the song, children between the ages of two and six sing sweetly of their desire to die for Palestine and are shown triumphantly killing kippa-wearing Jews. -from Caroline Glick.
A possible second Lebanese ship, the Mariam, is said to be an all woman ship. Some people think this is just another name for the Naji Al Ali. Even the Lebanese Transportation Minister Ghazi Aridi has said that this flotilla was meant as a public relations stunt, and that he doesn't know anything about this second ship. He only knows of the campaign called "Mariam". The Lebanese government is said to try to halt the flotillas from reaching Gaza, so sailing may be cancelled. The scuttlebut is that Lebanona and several other countries have left or are planning to leave for Gaza to break the blockade. The Lebanese ship is to leave in a few days from now.
What is known is that two people working on this Lebanese convoy say they aren't getting funds from Hezbollah but one has written such praise for the terrorist leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, and the other met and thanked him publicly (for what?) Nasrallah has said that more ships need to sail to Gaza.
Israel knows that more ships are a security risk because Hamas continues to smuggle Iranian rockets and such into Gaza. Netanyahu also sees this as an intentional threat to get weapons into Gaza.
While the organizer has called Jews "European garbage," the White House calls the flotillas "irresponsible." Nevertheless, if they come, Israel is prepared to handle the situation. They will be boarded and directed to an Israeli port for inspection. We will not back down in our endeavor to protect our citizens and put them in harm's way.
Just before Shabbat comes the word that Iran has cancelled their ship that was due to leave for Gaza. Israel had said that coming was an act of war, according to the article on yahoo news. I just hope that this confrontation has been stopped.
Resource: The Israel Project Flotillas from Lebanon Bound for Gaza

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