Friday, October 23, 2009

UN Human Rights Against Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the UN and friend of Israel, reports that The United Nations Human Rights Council, HRC, endorsed the recommendations of the Goldstone report, much to the disappointment of Israel and the United States, for this will have repercussions to America, also.
The results of this passing can involve the International Criminal Court, causing Israel to be tied down in whatever they would need to do to protect themselves. The HRC concluded that it was an illegitimate exercise of “collective punishment."

The report stated that both Israel and Hamas should have their own investigation. Hamas's endeavor should prove to be very interesting.

Now the Muslim's Ayatolla Ameni just declared that the Mahdi, or coming Islam savior, will offer the religion of Islam to Jews and Christians. If they accept it they will be spared. Otherwise they will be killed. This is how Islam was spread throughout the land in the first place-the threat of the sword.
Now Iran fails to accept the United Nations'uranium enrichment plan. Therefore, I fail to accept the UN Goldstone Report as one Israeli in the USA.

I'm afraid that the suggested coming reports from Israel and Hamas on the Gaza War are starting with opposite footing. The Palestinians have stated that they do not want Israel in their midst now that they, the Palestinians have arrived and refuse to even recognize Israel's existence. Their maps do not include Israel but have their own names on them. When reporting to the Goldstone interviewers, Hamas lied and the Goldstone people went right along with what they reported without question. No, the Goldstone report is one sided and a slap in the face to democracy. There is nothing right about the UN anymore. They're one sided against Israel and the Muslims can do no harm.

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