Thursday, October 29, 2009

Peres Behind J. Street

by Nadene Goldfoot
President Shimon Peres is behind J Street claims David Bedein, my old friend from Safed. David is now a journalist who heads the Israel Resource Review. He's in Washington , DC to speak to congressmen. J-Street is a very liberal US Jewish lobby seen by many of us as anti-Israeli. It's trying to replace AIPAC.

J-Street is made up of all the leftist NGO's who are tying to restart the Oslo process. The Peres Center for Peace is behind the scenes. It moderated most of the discussions in their recent convention. Their aim is to get congressmen to support the Oslo process.

J-Street is promoting the idea that Fatah is a reliable partner for peace, and many of us realize it is not. They're for the Oslo way and establishing a Palestinian state even though there is no peace or acceptance of Israel or that Abbas has no say over Hamas in Gaza who would take it over.

Bedein will be explaining the situation with videos and books by the Palestinian Authority that show they are not moderates, but are militant and constantly inciting against Israel. There are congressmen who seek the truth. Bedein is speaking out at his own expense as the Israeli government is gun-shy about doing this. They may not even understand J-Street's damage they are causing Israel.

Some of these J-Streeters also need to see David's presentation and realize that they are on the wrong side of the street. We don't need our own people being bamboozled into looking through rose colored glasses and not seeing the oncoming traffic heading their way.

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