Thursday, June 14, 2007

United Nations Complains Again

Nadene Goldfoot
That noble organization, the United Nations, has decided to ask Israel to improve on its human rights records with Palestine before their next meeting of the Human Rights Council. 

 Never mind that the Palestinians are fighting each other in Gaza, throwing each other off the tops of buildings and doing all sorts of horrible acts of killing. 

 Don't mention the fact that the Palestinians have been continually shelling Israel from Gaza.  

It's Israel who gets the ticket for neglecting human rights. 

 Forget the fact that Palestinian gangs are fighting the soldiers of Lebanon and killing them.

 It must be Israel's fault. 

 Why is it that the Palestinians can do no wrong?

I wonder when Iran will be called upon for threatening Israel with complete destruction as it makes nuclear weapons. 

 Doesn't this count as an affront to human rights? This at the least is mental anguish.

The lesson here is that bullies rule.

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