Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hamas Attacks Northern Israel

by Nadene Goldfoot
Katusha rockets were launched into Northern Israel from Lebanon Sunday afternoon. The rockets landed near Kiryat Shimona where the only department store in the area is. When I lived in Safed from 1980-1985, I prayed that the rockets would miss the Hamishbeer Department Store, which reminded me so much of Meier & Franks in Portland, Oregon. .

They did hit a factory, cars and of course did much damage to the roads. They were fired only 2.5 miles from the boarder of Israel. Four rockets were fired, but one of them was a dud. These were not fired from Hezbollah, who fired them last year. These were from the Hamas Palestinians who just took over the Gaza. The Katusha rockets have a much longer range than the Kassam used in Gaza. Last year's attack on northern Israel which involved Safed lasted for 34 long days when hundreds of rockets exploded in the area, demolishing many beautiful sites in Safed and elsewhere. Luckily, there were no people injured.
Sderot and other adjoining areas in Southern Israel have been attacked and now Northern Israel is being attacked. Israel has held back retaliating up to this point. Something must be done to stop these Hamas terrorists who think they can get away with any show of force against Israel. With new people in the Israeli cabinet, perhaps something will develop. How much patience does the world think that Israel has?

Update 3/27/19

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