Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fatah Friendship a Joke
Abbas is unable to control his terrorists in the West Bank as promised. Nablus is a city in the West Bank full of Fatah terrorists. Though Israel is trying to assist Fatah's threatened government, it's militants continue to harrass Israel, and Israel has had enough lately.
Abbas had issued a directive that Palestinians were not to carry illegal weapons or explosives. The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, a part of Fatah, has been wanting to arm the militants with more weapons anyway.
Israel had to raid Nablus, showing they are not stopping their search for militants bent on destroying Israel. Five Israeli soldiers were wounded in the raid. The Israelis were using rubber-coated bullets. They found two Fatah operatives they had been searching for by putting a curfew on the center of the city and going from house to house searching. Israel has continued to ask Abbas to control his men but he has not done this, so Israel had to step in to police the area. Of course this move has angered the Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad saying that Israel was undermining his new government.
At the same time, Israel was involved with fighting in the Gaza which is now controlled by Hamas terrorists.
Though many of us see Olmert as giving the Palestinians too much in the way of land, money and possibly freeing many terrorists when they won't free one of ours, at least we're showing that we act on their attacks on Israel. They can believe us when we say, stop attacking us or else. We don't have to sit around and think about it like they are reacting to their militants.

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