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RETALIATION: Retaliation of 15 Year old Palestinian; Retaliation of Rockets From Gaza Starting Now? IS Leader Calling for Jihad

Nadene Goldfoot                                     

Retaliation of all the rockets being shot from Gaza into Israel is starting.  A warning was given of 48 hours from Israel.  That was up another 48 hours later or more, but   after Saturday's long distance rocket just barely missing Be'er Sheva, the IDF air force went in and hit targets where rockets are shot from at 3:16 am this morning.  No one was injured or hit but they did do damage.  Jerusalem is damaged, too, from all the rioting going on from the murder of the 15 year old. 

Israel took out 10 terror targets in Gaza. One target was a Fajr missile storage facility.  They destroyed a weapons making factory as well and a Hamas building and a tunnel.                                

Rioting and destruction has been going on in Jerusalem ever since a Muslim boy's burned body was found  right at the time of the burial of the 3 Jewish boys who were kidnapped, bound and shot.  The Muslim population were going crazy in anger, though we knew at the time that Hamas was responsible for the murders of the Israeli boys and the reaction of that came from the frantic police and IDF who were searching for them.  It took 2 weeks to find their half buried bodies outside of Hebron.  This caused a lot of Palestinians to be rounded up and taken in to be questioned, but the Israelis didn't become violent about it.  It was a pretty reasonable outcome considering that Hamas and even Fatah have been goading their people into taking such action.
But for the Israelis? They're not calling the murderers heroes or passing out candy like the Muslims had reacted to the death of the 3 Jewish teens.  The murderers will be prosecuted.   There is nothing in our teaching or programming that would cause anyone to be vindictive and take the law into their own hands to get even.  Yet, that is Israel's police conclusion.  They are holding 3 Jews, of which a few are minors.  They haven't been charged with the murder yet, as the investigation is still ongoing.  

I'm an addict of the USA's Law and Order.  I see crazy reasons on that program for killings and what the police have to go through to actually bring a person to court and get a conviction.  Each country has their own laws and ways of dealing with it.  In the USA one is innocent until proven guilty.  In England, one is guilty until proven innocent.  Israel follows the American way.  
What I know is that if true, the guilty Jews were more than stupid.  We live by the Golden Rule; Don't do to others what you don't want others to do unto you.  Murder is one of the 10 Laws that we are not to commit.  Revenge is not allowed in our culture.  I don't like to see our people sink to the level of our opponents.  That's why we have rules of ethics and morals.
In the heat of the sadness of realizing that children, two 16 year olds and one 19 year old had been kidnapped right after their attendance of a school of which a 16 yr old was also an American, a Yeshiva, that would have turned them into rabbis, it's easy to see some young hotheads could have felt the need to retaliate. 

 All the country were in mourning.  The emotions and vibrations were electric at that time.  Anger was being held back, but not with whoever killed this Palestinian boy.  I still find it hard to believe that it was Jews who acted in revenge, but it's possible.  Law and Order shows people that nothing is impossible; even parents killing their own children.  We have a case of that right now being documented on TV of a father who cooked his baby in a hot enclosed car while he went to work.

That brings up the possibility still, that the parents are relatives of this Muslim boy are guilty of the crime because there have been several honor killings happening among the Muslim community of Israel, as it happens also in the USA.  The family is suspect, and the boy was possibly a homosexual boy.

I heard on CNN that Obama was complaining about the Muslim's death and that he was also an American! .  He wanted the killer or killers to be found ASAP.  Did he make that much noise when our 16 yr old American Jewish boy and his 2 Jewish classmates, also a 16 yr old and a 19 yr old, were kidnapped and killed?  The mothers of the 3 even went to plead at the United Nations and they received a cold shoulder and disbelief.  They weren't even taken seriously.  But oh my!  The Muslim death is really important!  All children killed out of any reason should be taken seriously.  It certainly is on Law and Order.  It is in Israel, that I know.  Is this how the Palestinians plan on making their state Judenrein, which they have warned?  "Our state will be Judenrein, Not one Jew shall live here!" Yada yada yada yada!!!" And that's essentially what Obama, Kerry and the EU agreed to when they nodded their heads.

It is said that there are no coincidences in life, yet here we have an American-Israeli 16 year old and an American-Palestinian 15 year old both killed and for why?  Both seem to have been killed in an act of revenge.  With the Jewish boy, that killing's revenge seems to be just the fact that Jews are living in their ancient homeland of Judea and Samaria.  What else?  The Palestinians were just recognized by Obama and the EU.  Out in Gaza the rockets were shooting right into southern Israel.  If anyone has a beef, it's the Israelis.

Abu Akr al Baghdadi was just seen on Fox News TV in Mosul giving a speech in a Mosque and calling for Jihad. (not confirmed as yet that it was indeed him-but if you ask me, he looked just like the photograph of him.) this is the month of Ramadan and everyone there listening must also have had a twinge of hunger.  They haven't been afraid of showing very graphic and bloody videos of their actions.  Yet I see it's hard for people in the Middle East to believe the Western reporting about him.

Resource:  /news/arrest.html  Israel's system innocent and guilty

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