Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two Palestinian States? Oy!

Nadene Goldfoot
It looks like Khaled Mashaal of Hamas and Mahmoud Abba of Fatah, both Palestinian terrorist leaders, fight each other as much as they both do with Israel.  They've had an on and off love affair with each other, but right now it must be divorce time as Jordan and Qatar's leaders are pushing  for Mashaal to be chair over a future PLO  while Abbas still has his sights set on this role of being their next president or prime minister.  Abbas is the present PA chairman.

They can't come to any agreements, but the governments of the world  expect Netanyahu to pull out miracles and get both in agreement with him.  It's almost hilarious.

Hamas is in Gaza on the west side of Israel and Judea-Samaria is in what they call the West Bank, which is on the eastern side of Israel but west of the Jordan River.  Hamas has their charter which is almost the same as the Muslim Brotherhood in which they both have the goal of destroying Israel.  The Palestinians still are sniping at Israeli citizens when they can, which was today when a Palestinian from Judea stabbed a 17 year old Jewish teenager for nationalistic reasons at Tapuah Junction, he said.  .

Ten years ago Mashaal and other Hamas leaders were expelled from Jordan and lost their citizenship there for acts unbecoming a citizen, so King Abdullah certainly doesn't want them back, but instead has been restoring relations by allowing visits.  This is because of the Hamas promise of refraining from meddling in the King's internal affairs.

Now the King of Jordan has been living peacefully since 1972's war with Israel in which Arabs lost.    He's saying that he thinks Hamas is ready to soften their position and live peacefully next to Israel!  They're becoming a little more realistic.  Yahya Moussa al-Ebadsh of Hamas  had a come-back with a statement on their website saying that their relationship with Israel would not change.  "The only relationship with this enemy is the resistance,"  he vowed.

Religion should be used as a prescription for getting along peacefully with one's neighbors, but Hamas is using their religion as a dictum for war and death.  How can John Kerry ever deal with people in this state of belief?  I think it would take the highly evolved  James T. Kirk and  Spock from the USS Enterprise to deal with such characters.  They do not compute in my mind at all.

Resource:  http://www.jpost.com/MiddleEast/Article.aspx?id=301391&rz=n_20Jan13 by Khaled Abu Toameh

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