Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jordan's King Abdullah II Offers Help in Peace Process

Nadene Goldfoot
King Abdullah II  of Jordan is working with European countries to get negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel back on track.  He said that "Settlements are eating up all of Palestinian lands!

Is he talking about land thought about for a Palestine state way back in 1948 when Arafat was offered the chance to have his own stateand refused it?  Is this the land that has been repeatedly offered by Israel through left and right governments with negotiations, of course ever since then and refused by Arafat and now Abbas?    Is this the same land that Abbas wants with conditions going his way first before he will deem himself to sit down in the presence of Netanyahu?

Is this part of the land that was planned originally for the Jewish Homeland after World War I with all the nations of the world in agreement?

This is the same land that Jordan stole after being rewarded with Transjordan?   In 1948 they just helped themselves to the Jewish Homeland in an aggressive action and took Judea and Samaria  along with east Jerusalem.  The Jews wound up with only 20% of the original Homeland promised not only by Britain but by all the nations at the San Remo Conference.

Palestinians were Jews and Arabs, so evidently "Palestinian land" should include Jews as well, since there was no state of Palestine ever.  It was simply the name of the former land of Judah and Israel.    We can blame the Romans for giving it that name in 135 CE when Judah lost the last battle in which Bar Kokhba made a last stand against Rome after they burned Jerusalem in 70 CE.

For 64+ years Israel has waited and offered  peace but instead have received mortars, rockets and missiles from people who had a chance for peace and their own state.  For every rocket hitting Israel, Israel should build another city in this "so called Palestinian land."  For Israelis  haven't built pioneer settlements and stockade but cities; nice sized cities in these past 64 years.  Israel is building in the legitimate area that was cordened off to be a part of Israel.

Israel hasn't remained the size of the original 600,000 in 1948 but have taken in all the Jews from around the world, especially from the Muslim countries who were treated as 2nd class citizens or worse as dhminnis.  France and every other country where anti-Semitism has been blatent have driven Jews back home along with religious Jews who swore never to forget Jerusalem and haven't.   From being treated by religious fanatics as unwanted and unforgiven,  to suffering from pogroms and finally  almost wiped out through a holocaust,  our 6 million are going to fight for their rights as a people.  There are no other people on the face of this earth who have suffered as much as the Jews have and deserve their own home again.  The mirror-image of this is that there are no other people who have offered so much to the world, either.  So go figure that one out; from the 10 Commandments to Nobel prizes to medical discoveries that are beneficial to all.

The only thing that has come out of the Muslim world for Israel is the action and word of wiping Israel off the map.  In fact, who among them even prints Israel on their maps these days?  Israel may only consist of 6 million Jews and are up against a Muslim world of billions, but they are as essential to this world as anyone else and are not about to be wiped  out.  Israel is aware of a people who call out that what Hitler didn't accomplish, they will.

So it's good that King Abdullah b: 1962  sees that the longer the Palestinians hold out for what they  demand  without regard to Israel's legitimate international legal rights and history, the more they are losing land.  His own father, King Hussein,  didn't fare so well when he joined the gang in attacking Israel in 1967.  It was Jordan who lost the West Bank and East Jerusalem.  After all, Jordan has their own hand's full being a kingship over a big population of Palestinians himself.  His country even fought against them.  Now that he governs so many, he knows that he doesn't want to take anymore into his country. He even has protesters trying to get rid of him in the sweep of the Arab Spring.   He wants them to have their own space, and so does Netanyahu.  I imagine King Adbullah has enjoyed peace between Israel and Jordan since 1967. He has never known war, having been only 5 years old in the last one.

Resource: Jerusalem Post San Remo Conference

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