Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Election In Israel with Netanyahu the Winner

                                                                                   Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu            
Nadene Goldfoot
Barack Hussein Obama had his hands full in a two-party race between Republicans and Democrats.  Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu of the Likud party (The Consolidation) of Menachem Begin, a combination of right and left wing parties, had 32 parties that were competing in a much different type of race; more like English Democracy.  It's a system of proportional representation for the 120 -seat Knesset. Netanyhu was Prime Minister before from June 18, 1996 to July 6, 1999.  He has been Prime Minister again since March 31, 2009 and won again just now, ready to do his 2nd term, just like Obama.

 Netanyahu  b: October 21, 1949 in Tel Aviv, won in the elections in Israel but with a few changes.  His majority of right wing alliances has been reduced.  This 63 year old Prime Minister will now reach out to other parties to create a wide coalition which might take weeks.    His pledge is that "tomorrow we start anew."

The results showed that Likud and the ultra-nationalist Yisrael Beitenu (Israel Our Home) group made up of more secular Russian speakers who follow the past hero, Zev Jabotinsky and now led by Avigdor Lieberman, would still be the biggest bloc in the assembly with 31 seats. They believe in holding to a harder line with the Palestinians.   This is 11 less than the 42 they held in the previous parliament.

Second in the lead was the centrist Yesh Atid party.  This was led by a former TV talk show host, Yair Lapid, b: November 5, 1963 in Tel Aviv.  He's a good looking 49 years old journalist, author, play writer as well as actor and son of another journalist.  They got 19 seats which was a surprise for this newcomer.  . Lapid created this new party which means "There is a Future" or "Future Party."  It is centrist.

Netanyahu got pluses for drawing the world's attention to Iran's nuclear program that he and most of us are very suspicious about.  We don't have to actually be there to understand that Iran doesn't like Israel and is too intent on working on something that must not be medical supplies.  I don't think either Netanyahu or I are paranoid.  There is good reason to feel they want a special kind of bomb.

He got some minuses because internationally he has continued to clash with "allies" over his handling of the peace process, but I certainly don't fault him for that.  It's really the Palestinians who have quit on Israel and refuse to come to the peace table.  It's ridiculous to keep harping on Israel to bring peace about.   Some feel, and certainly the USA is one, that says the peace talks are stalled because of his continued construction of Jewish homes in Judah and Samaria and East Jerusalem.  I happen to agree with him in that legally, and he has consulted with international lawyers, Jews have the right to build in these pre-decided areas.

Israel has 1.4 million Arab citizens.  They vote through many of the parties, including some strictly Arab parties.  One such party is the United Arab List, known by the Hebrew acronym, Ra'am.

What many of our politicians forget about is the law had already been laid down after WWI.  Netanyahu is only standing up for what is the rights coming to Israel instead of cowering and forgetting about them.  It may be an  inconvenient truth for the nations' politicians, but that it is to be.  Israel is not about to be squashed,   shrunk again and destroyed. It's people are not about to be tricked and  burned again in another Holocaust.   Netanyahu is another Bar Kokhba, and I believe he is even more astute than Bar Kokhba had been.  He's a fighter for Israel's rights.


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