Sunday, August 12, 2012

Iran Plans Nuclear Weapons; Get Hit With Earthquakes

Nadene Goldfoot
Tehran, Iran has progressed towards the manufacture and assembly of a nuclear warhead.  This makes Iran the biggest problem Israel is facing.  Iran must never get nuclear weapons.

Israel is suspected of having the Middle East area's only nuclear arsenal, but have never used any, even though they've been in some tough spots.  This is the difference.  It's been enough to let people think they have this force.  They're not about to go half cocked and use anything like it.  Israel  values life; those of their own and of others.  They're not anxious to test what happens when they die and have no 72 virgins to greet them upon death.  The toast they make is "L'chaim!  "To Life."

In order to protect the lives of their citizens, they have spent a lot of money for protection.  In this category they have the Iron Dome, a method of catching missiles, an SMS system for warning of imminent missile attacks and the Arrow 2.  .  They have worked on this consistently in view of Iran's progress.

Another group to worry about and watch are Lebanon's Hezbollah militia who are right on their border.  Of course, Syria is said to have chemical weaponry they might use on their own people.  Then again they are right on Israel's border as well.  Israel has had to pass out gas masks to their whole population several times already.  The 7.8 million population only has enough gas masks for half the population so far today.

The problem in Israel has been the southern area who have been in striking distance of Gaza with Hamas Terrorists firing at them almost constantly.  They need bomb shelters for 700,000 citizens now.   Hospitals need to be fortified.  Ashkelon's hospital  has had to go underground being they are within striking distance of Gaza already, but 70% of the hospitals need further fortification.

While Israel is extremely worried, being so much closer and on the hit list at the top, the USA has been less worried.  Our intelligence services say that they just suspect Iran is seeking a weapons capability but that no decision has been taken on actually making one.  Is the USA going to wait till Iran strikes first with nuclear weapons?  Netanyahu feels that sanctions haven't been a deterrent.

While all this worry in Israel has been going on, something happened in Iran on Saturday.  They were hit with 2 earthquakes, which have filled up their hospitals since about 5,000 people were injured.  The first was a 6.4 and the 2nd was 6.3 that struck 11 minutes later.  That was a double whammy.  They occurred 37 miles NE of Tabriz and 30 miles NE of Tabriz.  The quakes have killed almost 300 people.  They've had 60 aftershocks and are lacking enough tents and supplies so that people had to sleep in the night air without protection.  Homes were destroyed and livestock also were killed.  About 36,000 people were in the quake area and received emergency shelter finally.

One thing you can bet on.  Israel always goes to earthquake hit areas to help out, but won't be going to Iran.  They would not be welcomed at all, no matter how much help they could offer.  That's the way it is in the Middle East.  this East Azerbaijan province is a mountainous region neighboring Azerbaijan and Armenia in the north.  Tabriz itself was not hurt.  It looks like the Iranians got a reminder of what happens when a country is under attack, even when when coming from Mother Nature.    They did experience earthquake devastation before in 2003 when they had a 6.6 earthquake.

I wonder how their centers for manufacturing nuclear weapons hold up in these earthquake rumblings.
update: 8/14/12  Iran is now saying it will take help from any country.  Israel isn't offering any after being rebuffed in their 2003 earthquake when Iran said "anyone but Israel."


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