Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GREAT VIDEO OF ISRAEL;Vibrant Israel of Advanced Technology: Olympian Contenders

Nadene Goldfoot
Most people's idea of Israel now is a war-torn desert.  This land bridge that lies between Africa, Asia and Europe is about the most talked about piece of real estate in the world and is a unique place to visit.  It's even a major rest stop for migrating birds.  There's every culture and religion represented here in this little space of about 8,000 square miles, which is the size of New Jersey, USA, one of our teeny states.  Israel only has 7,116,200 people, but they're all special.

Here's a video showing many of the aspects of Israel.  We visit countries because we need a break and hope to see different things; taste different foods, see different ways of life.

I'm sad to read John Canzano's column stating that the world was against the USA in the Olympics because we represent everything others reject and that we are the Ugly Americans still.

Many have taken the position of hatred for Israel because they had the courage and fortitude to establish their state after 2,000 years of yearning for it, and they haven't fallen.  We saw in the 1972 Olympics the massacre of 11 Israeli Olympians for their courage of even showing up to compete.  This year a few other athletes wouldn't even practice next to the Israelis without a divider.  A minute of silence was refused by the head of the Olympics for the 11 Israelis massacred so as not to anger those that ordered it to happen. They had the weak excuse that if they did that, they'd have to do the same for those who were the killers.

It used to be that the Olympics were based on country first and that people had national pride.  Greg Miller writes, telling us that this is now a more mobile, informed and blended world.  People shouldn't be judged on where they came from but just appreciated for their own amazing feats.  I think we need both.  First in life we have to like ourselves, and this comes from pride for our country as well as our family and ourselves.

I'm still proud of everything Israel has achieved in its 64 years and pray that they continue to do so.  It was wonderful to see Israel represented in the Olympics. this year and remain safe.

I hate to look forward to a land that has all blended together without any distinguishing points to be appreciated.  Israel will always remain unequaled.

Resource: http://www.youtube.com/embed/tLgdb6r0MQ4?rel=0  sent from Gerard Robins
Oregonian Newspaper, 8/14/12 Letters to the Editor, page B5

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