Sunday, May 31, 2009

Obama Dictating: Jerusalem Goes to Palestinians

by Nadene Goldfoot
Obama certainly must be making points with the Palestinians and all the Arab countries these days. He is telling them that he is backing the formation of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capitol.

I note that the USA has never had the gumption to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's stated capitol as it always had been in the past. This issue matters a lot to Israelis. In 1948 they were deprived of Jerusalem and it was in the hands of the Arabs because of the division of land originally promised to the newly recreated state. Originally Britain had told the Jewish leaders that they would have land that would have included the area Jordan is in now, but because the sheik wanted his own country and yelled loudly, was given what was promised to the Jews as well as Jerusalem. The Arabs treated Jerusalem terribly. Cemetery tombstones became latrines in their hands as much of it also did. Nothing was taken care of. The land lay in waste. It was when Israel was attacked in 1967 that Israel regained Jerusalem and made it their capitol as it used to be since King David. Would the world expect anything different? Tragically, the USA was not brave enough to recognize this, and treated Tel Aviv like its capitol, I suppose to pacify the Arabs who coveted the much improved city containing lovely hotels for tourists.

That's the whole problem. The land of Israel lay in waste ever since the Jews were overwhelmed in 70AD by the Romans. So many were killed and carted off as slaves, yet there were Jews who remained. The land has never been without their presence. While so many were gone, the land lay barren, becoming an unwelcome desert. There hasn't been anyone living there who made anything out of it to bloom again, until the Jews returned. Today it is a beautiful country and is productive in so many ways, giving back ideas and medical products as well as food to the world. The Arabs who were migrants wandering about never did anything with the land. They wandered back there only to find work from the newly returned Jews who were building. Now that it is lovely again, they want the whole country, including Jerusalem, of course. Obama is going right along with this. Considering everything, I'm not surprised in the least. His interests are not in Israel or its history. He is busy showing the Muslims how he does not show favoritism for Israel.

It's amazing to me that in his zeal he is telling Israel that it does not have the right to build in Jerusalem now, as well as in Judea and Samaria. Imagine if we told France where and where not to build in France. I didn't know he made himself king of Israel. I guess he doesn't know that Israel is also a democracy and people vote there, and his vote doesn't count because he's not a citizen. It's too bad our old friend is becoming so pushy and demanding. It's like a marriage gone sour. Here he's taken the side of the people who have not shown us the common courtesy of recognizing us, and who instead have fired missiles in the thousands at us trying to kill our citizens, yet he's giving them our capitol.

Who loves Jerusalem so dearly? Who created Jerusalem? Who prayed for 2,000 years for their return to Jerusalem? Who does Jerusalem respond favorably to? Who mentions Jerusalem in their Bible? There are Arabs who are citizens of Israel, but there are no Jews that are citizens of Arab countries.

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