Thursday, May 07, 2009

USA Blackmailing Israel

by Nadene Goldfoot
The USA is telling Israel that unless they accept a belligerent Palestine next door to them, they will not help in the matter of an Iran manned with atomic weapons and might. Our country has thrown out the baby with the bathwater just to get good marks on their report card. What they're doing is beating up the victim of aggression, and this won't be a forgotten act.

Though the surrounding Arab nations, Egypt, for instance, are not happy with an existing Israel, they fear Iran empowered even more and probably wouldn't mind the USA taking a stand against their atomic powers.
Besides all the other demands that the USA is making on Israel to be compliant in their eyes, they are demanding that Israel allow Palestinians freedom of movement. Now Israel is the forerunner on protection of their people from terrorists having been the main country that has had to deal with terrorism.

If they have curtailed movement of a people who are the major players of terrorism to their citizens, they know what they are doing. Asking them to allow Palestinians complete freedom of movement is like someone telling us to let out all the criminals that are in our jails and do away with such protection of citizens.

If Palestinians had never practiced terrorism against Israelis, the need to curtail their movement would never had happened. That's the lowest blow of all from America. That's saying, just do what we tell you, and you'll soon disappear and our Arab friends will again be very happy and we won't have an oil problem. Israel has been sold out with this new regime.

Reference: Obama prepares to throw Israel under the bus
By Melanie Phillips

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