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PLO Covenant Against Israel of 1968
Why Palestinians Refuse to Talk Peace with Netanyahu
Nadene Goldfoot
33 Articles reworked in 1968 use the word covenant showing how holy they feel these goals are.

Definition of a Palestinian: Arab nationals who were living permanently in Palestine until 1947.  They will also consider Jews as Palestinians who also were living permanently in Palestine until the beginning of the Zionist invasion.  The catch is that they consider the Zionist invasion to be 1917, the year of the Balfour Declaration.  They most likely don't even consider Jews born in Israel after 1917 staying.  They would kick them out.  So if you're 94 and older and were born in Israel, you can stay.  How nice.  They plan an expulsion of Jews like Spain did in 1492. 

They feel there is no room for a Jewish state in their Palestine. Only the Palestinian Arabs have a legal right to self-determination, not the Jews.  Their Palestinian identity goes from father to son.  The Zionist occupation does not top them from using their Palestinian identity.  So even though a family has been living in the Lebanon for the past 3 generations, they are not Lebanese, they are Palestinians.  I can understand that.  My grandmother was born in Lithuania.  Though she didn't move away, Lithuania found itself in Poland and then again in Russia.  She maintained that she was a Litvak through it all, even after moving to the USA.  But that was my grandmother.  I am not a Litvak.  My grandmother's family were Litvaks.  We are still all Jewish beause that is our religion, not our nationality. 

They only consider one way to liberate Palestine-that is by armed struggle.  They want to eliminate Israel.  They expect their people to prepare themselves for war, to sacrifice their wealth and life to restore the land to themselves.  It's a national duty.  There is to be no peace or compromise with Israel.  Their 3 mottos are:
national unity, national mobilization and liberation. They are against being absorbed by their Arab brethren. 

All Arabs and their rulers must unite against Israel and do all they can to support violence to destroy Israel.
We here in the West thought they were rioting to attain a democracy.  Here it is to get leaders in that are against Israel. 

They're changing their image with what they say to others, like they no longer use the slogan, "Throw the Jews into the sea,"  as this was getting bad press.  Another bit of two facedness they don't mean is saying that their goal is to have a "democratic Palestinian state" with freedom for all religions."  They don't mean a word of it.  It's just their propaganda.  It was adopted in 1965. 

The PLO murdered and destroyed the Lebanese Christians.  Lebanon was a unique state with a minority of Christians who held presidency.  For revenge, the Christians killed a whole group of them in 1982.  They didn't  treat the Lebanese citizens with dignity and respect.  They even are divided now between Hamas and Fatah, both part of the PLO terrorists then, and have killed each other in the war for power. 

Anything they do to destroy Israel are called "defensive" acts.  They figure Jews cannot have self-determination.  What happend in 1947 doesn't count at all.  They don't see Jews as a people like they see themselves.  Jews are only members of a religion.  They're busy denying any of the Jewish history recorded in the bible. 

Any turncoat Palestinians trying to be moderate and would go for peaceful resolutions to the conflict are to be murdered and/or intimidated.  There can be no settlement based on compromise.

They consider Zionism as the enemy of the world.  They compare Jews to Nazis.  They call on the 3rd World Nations to support them against the "illigitimate" Israel. 

Article 24 states that they believe in the principles of justice, freedom, sovereignty, self-determination, human dignity and the right of peoples to exercise them, but just not to Jews of Israel.  Saying this, they still rely on terror for everyone, and deny them to many Arabs.  Again, it's a propaganda motto. 

They have the PLO as the leader umbrella organization for all terrorist groups  that are fighting Israel.  At this time, they are still debating who will be the head leader, Fatah or Hamas.  They say they will not interfere with other Arab states but have meddled in Jordan and Lebanon which has brought destruction to those states.  Now they have their own internal problems of leadership.  The PLO had close connections with Saddam Hussein in Iraq.  Arab governments can manipulate the PLO for their own reasons. 

They consider it their duty to terrorize countries that are friendly to Israel.  Because of this fear, European governments have freed almost all the Arab terrorists caught in their countries.  How nice it is to be able to hide in so many lovely countries and get away with terrorism!  Just be a terrible bully!

Hamas says that the Day of Judgement will not come abut unil Moslems fight to kill the Jews.  They quote the Koran in this:  when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees, the stones and trees will say, "there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.. Their only solution is Jihad.  To them, it's a waste of time to have any initiatives, proposals or international conferences.  We shouldn't deal with these vain endeavors.  To them, Palestine is an Islamic land and that's that. 

By reading these "covenants" I can see why they have acting in these strange ways with Netanyahu.  He has vainly tried with all his might to come to some way of achieving peace.  We have given up all of Gaza, and so much more only to have all our endeavors slapped back into our face.  I hope Hillary and Obama read these goals and come to the realizsation of what Israel has to deal with.  It's a mind-set still stuck in the 700's.  Peaee is the last thing on their minds.  Their sickness is viral and has infected their whole people.  During the past 63 years I can see so many nations and peoples that have just aided and abetted them.  They have showed fear, have cowtowed, and have unknowingly built them into the fighting force they are. 

Resource: Myths and Facts-a concise record of the Arab-Israeli Conflict by Mitchell G. Bard and Joel Himelfarb.

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