Tuesday, June 28, 2011

 Terror Attack in Beersheba
Nadene Goldfoot
If not a terrorist, a meshugana attacked a 40 year old man with a hammer and then sprayed tear gas at a cab driver causing light to moderate injuries to them both.  They had to be taken to the nearby medical center for treatment.  However, the police think it more likely to have been an act of terrorism. 

There isn't a man around that hasn't had IDF training, so this certainly must have come on quickly where they were unable to protect themselves or disarm the perpetrator. 

I imagine this will put all civilians in a state of awareness at a higher level, now.  Trust is going to wane if it hasn't already of possible terrorists. 

Beersheba (Be'er Sheva)  in the Negev is only 50 miles from Jerusalem.  It is Israel's 7th largest city with a population of 194,300.  It is an important city dating back to biblical days with Abraham and King David. 

http://arutzsheva/  added 4:31pm about hammer

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