Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Does Obama Understand the Arab Mentality Towards Israel?

Nadene Goldfoot
Obama seems to not understand what he has caused the Arabs to surmise and now expect. Our administration is pushing for us to go along with Abbas of the Fatah party of Arabs and accept a Palestinian state next to Israel. This is coming with a lot of strings attached that they again left on their platform as before. They now think that because Obama has taken a new position of pushing Israel like the USA has never pushed before, that he will force Israel to give in to their expectations and needs and the Arabs won't have to do anything in return. In fact, he will favor the Arabs.

We have seventeen (17) Jewish people in the Obama Administration, I am surprised to find. David Axelrod, the Senior Advisor to the President is the most important. Rahm Emanuel is the Chief of Staff. We have Lee Feinstein in as Foreign Policy Advisor. Middle East Policy Advisor is Eric Lynn. I'd like to have a word or two with him! Perhaps this kettle of fish is due to him. He's not giving the advice I'd like to see given. Special Advisor for the Gulf and Southwest Asia to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is Dennis Ross. Head of the Middle East desk at the National Security Council is Dan Shapiro. I'd like to know their positions and backgrounds in understanding Israel's position and history. What strengths do they bring to advise the President on the Middle East. Being Jewish is not enough. We have Jews of all opinions, many of which are based on nothing but peer pressure and position in society, not on actual facts.

Four decades ago plus a few years at Khartoum's conference, the Arabs rejected peace with Israel. Now in Bethlehem they again did the same thing. The only thing Fatah and Hamas can agree to is their hatred for Israel and their desire to see its destruction. Otherwise they are vying for the position of the top dog, which is now in the hands of Hamas.

They again voted to not recognize Israel as a Jewish state, not to negotiate with Israel at all, and not to end the fighting against Israel. In other words, they'd like to drive Israel into the sea as they pronounced some 61 years ago when they all attacked Israel in 1948 at it's rebirth.

Not only did they come with this declaration for all to see and read and hear, but they have a lot of demands. They want the Israelis to accept the "right of return" of their people, which would overwhelm Israel entirely with more Arabs than can be counted. They want the release of all Palestinian prisoners from Israel's jails. Most of them are in for murdering Israelis. Of course they want Israel to freeze all settlement construction and list the Gaza blockade. The end result is that they want Jerusalem in their hands and all Jews out of it along with any building that has taken place there.

Fatah is now talking about joining up with Iran in an alliance. This is the "peaceful" group that Obama is expecting to create a state of Palestine. Iran is also against any peace process and has voiced their threat of destroying Israel, which Israel takes very seriously. In fact, the Palestinian Chief Negotiator, Saeb Erekat met with Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in Egypt already. To make matters confusing, Iran has funded Hamas, their terrorist competitor. Iran seems to like their tactics better, I suppose.

In reality, does Israel have any Palestinian group to work with who truly has peaceful coexistence in mind? There is none. The Palestinian people have again lost any chance of living as others do. Even the king of Saudi Arabia and other leaders are not any help. Perhaps it's not in the cards for a Palestinian state to be next door to the only Jewish state in the world. There's always something that stops the process, and it's not Israel. Israel has been too compliant with trying to get along with the Arabs. Our seventeen Jewish Obama administrators had better hold a conference of their own and re-analyze their strategy in trying to force a peace that has now backfired. I wonder if they have a second plan.

Reference: Mitchell Bard Fact Sheet #71: Palestinians Declare Three Noes to Peace http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/talking/71_noes.html

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