Monday, November 19, 2007

World Court
by Nadene Goldfoot
Reuters News by Jeffrey Heller's "Olmert acts to bolster Abbas before meeting" states that the World Court has branded all Israeli settlements on land captured by Israel in 1967 as illegal. Israel was attacked and gained land by winning, but that is illegal? That was one of the most horrific attacks Israel has had. It freed Jerusalem from the Arabs, and by coming into Israel's hands made the sacred places of all religions accessible. I shouldn't be surprised at a "World Court" deciding this against Israel.
Abt 270,000 Jewish people, some of which are also Americans, live in the "West Bank." 2.5 million Palestinians also live there now. Unlike Israel, where Jews, Muslims and Christians as well as people of other faiths live such as Mormons and B'hais, the new Palestinian state cannot abide any Jews living in it. This is the case of all the Arab countries. Jews are not allowed. They have no intention of becoming a "melting pot" of people. Yet many Palestinians live in Israel and are even represented in the Knesset.
Who does the World Court defend? Why doesn't this court stop the Hamas terrorists from firing rockets incessantly on Israel? Or is that okay with them. Was there a World Court when Jews were slaughtered in the 2nd World War?
This World Court is an arm of the United Nations. The United Nations did recognize and accept Israel as a state in 1948, but since then has not been a supporter of Israel. The United Nations has become a joke. It's mostly controlled by the Arab countries. I had high hopes for the UN at one time, but find it disgraceful now. It's not suprising at all to find that they have made decisions against Israel.

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