Monday, November 19, 2007

Arab Demands For Annapolis Meeting
It seems to me that the Arabs want the peace process all decided according to their wishes before they ever get to the peace table. What would be the necessity of the meeting? I thought a peace meeting should be a place to discuss, debate, listen and come to some accord. They want their goals all agreed to before they start.
Arabs want Israel to stop construction on existing settlements in the "West Bank". Olmert has already reaffirmed a pledge not to build new settlements. The land is rightfully a part of Israel's territory and Israel does have the right to decide what to do with it. Of course this does not suit the wishes of the losers of the last war. They lost the war but still think they should have the land. According to history, it never has worked that way before. There are consequences in attacking a country and losing. Ask Germany. Ask the Ottoman Empire.
Arabs want prisoners released from Israeli prisons who have been terrorists. Olmert has agreed to release 441 more prisoners.
This morning's paper stated that every Arab country under the sun would like to partake in this meeting, even Greece who is not an Arab state. It's like the vultures are ready to pounce on a single prey and tear it apart. Whether the meeting actually will take place the end of this month is still up in the air. Many are confused. Olmert has been so ready to be in compliance with Condolezza Rice and President Bush that the rest of Israel is almost having a heart attack.
All this expectation while Hamas continues to shell Israel from Gaza is ludicrous. Abbas of Fatah cannot control the Hamas group. Israel still will have not gained a thing from the peace talks. I think it's time that the Palestinians get their act together and talk about peace among themselves first. Perhaps the rest of the crowd can put some pressure on them, that is, if peace with Israel is now their new goal.

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