Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Earthquaking Event: The Annapolis Conference
A very small article on A6 in the Oregonian tells that the US will host Mideast talks next week as planned originally. Bush hopes this will put the peace process back on the menu. 49 countries, institutions and individuals, including some Arab states and other key nations were invited to the 3 day meeting beginning November 27th. It sounds like a basketball game, 49:1. They hope to cause Israel and the Palestinians to formal peace talks with the backing of the international community. It sounds to me like they are hoping to force Israel to give into the Arab demands with mainly Arab pressure.
The announcement comes at the same time that several earthquakes were recorded in Israel. By coincidence, Olmert is preparing to give away half of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria which the world outside of Israel calls the West Bank, and will even plan on discussing the Arabs "right of return."
Olmert is being so eager to be helpful that he approved arming the Palestinian West Bank forces with 50 Russian APCs (combat vehicles like tanks) , 1,000 rifles and 2 million bullets. The Russians have promised Abbas armored personnel carriers which carry 10 fighters each. These combat vehicles are armed with machine gun mounts designed to hit ground and low-flying air targets. This can hamper Israel's regular counter-terror activities with helicopter support. The helicopter have kept Israel fairly secure by thwarting suicide attacks. The fear is that the APCs will wind up in terrorist hands. This means that Israelis living on the West Bank will need the same type of protection as will the Israeli police who secure the borders. It's that or all the Israelis there will have to move out. The Russian APCs are highly developed. They can protect their men from anything imaginable. Olmert has been trying to get Putin on the US side and be against Iran's nuclear program and also to influence Damascus from its pact with Tehran. Putin is not changing his allegiance. That's why he is definitely delivering the APCs to Abbas.
Olmert has made many big concessions to show his good faith in wanting peace. Israel will allow the export of some agricultural produce from Gaza, where Hamas terrorists have control. This includes flowers and strawberries and much will head for Europe. It's been five months since Israel restricted the export conditions due to the shelling of rockets into Israel which hasn't stopped. All these concessions are being done to bolster Abbas's power as he seems to be more in tune with the peace initiative.
I'm shaking with fear for Israel. The land of Israel is quaking and shaking.

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