Thursday, March 27, 2008

Palestinian Terrorist From 2002 Arrested
Omar Jabar, Hamas terrorist, was arrested near Tulkarm in the West Bank. He had planned a suicide bombing at an Israeli hotel during Passover that killed 30 Israelis and injured 150 in 2002 who were in the middle of their meal.
This had led to the recapturing of the West Bank. Jabar had met a contact in 1994 when in prison. This contact became the suicide bomber, and Jabar was the recruiter and trainer for Hamas in the West Bank. He was told to establish a Hamas militia to fight the Palestinian Authority, which would have been Fatah.
Jamar bought weapons and recruited men to fight with the goal of creating a Hamas cell like the ones in Gaza.
With this alert to brewing trouble in the West Bank, it's no wonder that Israel is ready to open a new police headquarters in an area outside of Jerusalem that will serve the West Bank. Israel is also sending new vehicles and equipment to Fatah's security forces. Israel is also easing travel restrictions for West Bank businesses.
Reference: AFP via Yahoo News
Reuters via Yahoo News

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