Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hamas Twists Words
Hamas says they want Israel to end all "acts of aggression" in the Gaza Strip. What they mean is that they want Israel to stop firing back when they are the ones who are the aggressors by firing rockets into Israel.
By calling Israel the aggressors, the newspapers and media pick this phrase up and assume that Israel is the aggressor. Israel is in the act of defending itself.
Then Hamas, controlling the situation, slips in demands that are unreasonable to Israel like wanting to control the crossings in and out of the Gaza Strip. They want to openingly bring in weapons and ammunition instead of having to smuggle them in.
It's obvious that when they stop firing rockets into Israel, Israel does not fire back. Israel is not about to give control to Hamas as it means death to Israel. The defiant Hamas continue to not recognize Israel and renounce violence. Their double talk calling Israel's defensive action an act of aggression is not fooling Israel. What's horrible is that it usually fools the gullible world.
Reference: Yahoo News: Hamas sets terms for ceasefire with Israel

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