Thursday, January 17, 2008

Terrorists Fire 70 Rockets in Two Days; Threaten Israel For Retaliating
Gaza terrorists are threatening that Israeli strikes will harm peace, yet they have been the aggressors firing 70 rockets in the past two days as well as firing rockets ever since Israel pulled out of Gaza. Abbas of Fatah joined his brother Hamas in warning that "serious consequences for the peace talks will happen if Israel retaliates the attacks. "
How can these people think that they can attack Israel and not receive attacks back? They have the gall to complain and threaten. Where is it written that Israel should receive punishment for trying to progress in peace talks with terrorists? The thinking is illogical and meshugana. I'm afraid this is what happens with trying to reason in the Middle East.
Olmert has vowed that Israel will only try to hit those who are firing on Israel and are not aiming for civilians as Hamas is aiming at civilians in Israel.
A spokesman for Hamas said, "One martyr goes to heaven and thousands rise to fire more rockets and to fight the Zionist entity." I don't think we'll see a peace accord in the near future, and Bush will have to understand why.
Reference: Reuters article by Avida Landau
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