Thursday, January 24, 2008

No Peace in West Bank (Judea/Samaria)
The West Bank is where Fatah has moved. It is supposed to be where the future Palestine will be.
In 2007 30 mortar shells were found by Israeli security forces in the West Bank.
In December 2007 The IDF and GSS found 6.5 tons of potassium nitrate hidden in sugar-sacks marked as humanitarian aid from the European Union. Potassium nitrate is used by terrorists for the manufacture of explosives and Qassam rockets. The truck with the potassium nitrate was stopped at one of the crossings from Israel into the West Bank.
On January 5, 2008, the Israeli IDF checked out Nablus, a city there, and found a weapons factory containing two rockets in the first state of manufacture and a suicide-bomb belt.
On January 14th, a Palestinian boy was found with a 60mm motar shell at a checkpoint near Nablus.
I'm afraid that Abbas, head of the Hamas terrorists, is not doing a very good job of promoting peace with Israel.
I was just reading about the West Bank in my book, Letters From Israel. On October 7, 1982, I was there. "We drove on the highway from Haifa to Tel Aviv along the coast. It is a lovely drive, and turned left at Kvar Saba, went into that little teeny town and out of it, and we found ourselves in Samaria. I was so shocked. It's practically on the other side of the highway. we stood at a plaque where Sharon and his men had fought not too recently and saw our highway and car. It was unreal! we drove deeper into Samaria and saw Arabs, sheep, a little Arab town outside Kafar Saba, and in the distance Ramalla, a larger Arab city. I saw lots of land that looked somewhat like Eastern Oregon, and finally came some 25 minutes later to a Jewish settlement where we had lunch in their succa. We brought our own sack lunches with us. This settlement is made up of mainly Israelis and a few Americans who are very dedicated and Zionistic. One of their people is not Jewish and is Japanese recently from Japan who has a paper factory there where he makes paper for computers. ...They are building beautiful homes but no apartments there, and are almost ready to move in. The establishment is 6 years old....We continued from this place to the Roman ruins where King Ahab, a Jewish king also lived and we walked all around. The weather was so warm and pleasant. I got a suntan from it. It was incredible to see all the stonework, columns, and amphitheatre. Then we went back to Haifa and drove home. We had left Haifa at 8:15am and got back to Safed at 4:30pm with lots of time to rest and explore at the ruins. No wonder Begin didn't want to give up Samaria and Judea. Remember, it's within stone throwing distance of our highway. You just wouldn't believe how close it is to us. The problem is that they don't just throw stones at us anymore".

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