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Palestinian Perversion of Their History

Nadene Goldfoot

So many lies have been told about the Israel-Palestine situation that the true facts have not even reached the UN.  Many follow the path of  least expended energy to find out what the facts are.  

Jews were deprived of their homeland ever since 70 CE because of the Roman Empire invasion.  They suffered from religious persecution for 2,000 years, leading to pogroms in the 1800's in Russia and with the Dryfus Affair in France of 1894, realized they had to return to their native homeland which was up for grabs, being the Ottoman Empire lost in WWI.  The British, holding the mandate and instructed to carry out the promise of establishing the Jewish National Home, double-dealt with them, because they also  were  guilty of this religious anti-Semitism.  

Palestinian leaders have long desired money and power and care little for their people.  It was they who told their people to leave homes in Israel as they were coming to attack the fledgling country and that they'd get their homes back and more when it was over.  They've created such Arabian Nights fairy tales about their history that even they might have started believing it all.  If you believe the following, then you have been duped along with the average Palestinian.

1.  Palestinians identified with the land for over  thousands of years.  
No:   There were very few Arabs living there that were natives.  Most landowners had sold out and were living in Damascus, Paris, and other nice places.  During 19th and 20th centuries Arabs/Arabic-speakers that were migrants wandered searching for food and jobs all over the Middle East.  Palestine was wasteland and peasants had left.  Nothing was there for them.  But, there were also poor Jews who had remained in Palestine even though many left after 70 CE during the Roman conquest.  Jerusalem was still populated by Jews and remained so.

2. Jews returned after 2,000 years in 1948 to displace Arabs because of their new state of Israel.  
No:  Palestine was the former Empire of Israel,  held by the Ottoman Empire for the past 400 years and included land east and west of the Jordan River.  It originally was to be the new Israel according to the British Mandate but had then been pared down to 20% of the land.  The plan was not to displace the Arabs but to live together in harmony.

3.  But it was Arab land.  Arabs were there first.  
No:  There were few Arabs living in Palestine and they thought of themselves as Ottomans, Turks, southern Syrians, Arab people, but never as "Palestinians."  Effendis and the Mufti tried to create Nationalism in them but it didn't take.  T.E. Lawrence tried it also, and he failed as well.  It was an alien idea.  The only non-Jews that were there first were people that Joshua had conquered when the Israelites entered Canaan in about 1270 BCE, people like the Hittites.  They were all killed, but any survivors were emerged with the Israelite people.

4. Jews stole the Arab lands.
No:   After the Dryfus Affair, Jews formed groups to ask Britain about creating a Jewish National Homeland out of the land held by the Ottoman Empire who lost WWI.  It was decided affirmatively in the League of Nations.  Britain held the mandate and were told  to carry it out.  Arabs living there at the time were included in the plan of being citizens along with the Jews.

5. Jewish terrorists forced the peaceable Arabs to flee from Palestine.
No:  Arabs were fed with religious prejudice, so Muslims of Palestine erupted into anti-Jewish violence many times when Muslim leaders called for it which the British called "Nationalism."

6.  Palestine is Israel, and Israel makes up all of Palestine meaning that in 1948 Palestine became Israel.
No:  The bulk of people living in Palestine that were not Jewish were  from east Palestine, Syrian, Iraqi, Egyptian and others who were already landless because of feudal type life styles, natural disasters, over-taxation by the Ottomans and loan sharks (people who loan money).  The British gave away state domain lands already designated to be the Jewish National Home to these landless Arabs screaming that they had been displaced by Jews in western Palestine.  Israel got only 20% of land promised to become the Jewish National Home.  That 20% contained mostly all Jews to start with.

7.  Arabs were natives of the land but Jews had to immigrate into Palestine.
No:  Only a few Arabs were natives of the land.  The bulk were poor landless peasants looking for work who came from Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon and further.  Jews had always remained in Palestine and their ancestors were  there when Joshua entered Canaan.  Jews had been coming back to the land through the ages, but noticeable groups started in 1880 with the 1st Aliyah from Russia which continued to bring in Jews suffering from religious persecution.  With European immigrants and the end of the Ottoman Empire, there was opportunity in Palestine for jobs, so Arabs came.

8. There are no places for homeless Palestinian refugees to go.
No.  For 64 years, refugees have been living in refugee camps in Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria which in fact are the homelands of most of these Arabs.  .  The UN has been feeding them and supporting them, even keeping them in UN refugee jobs which enables them.  They are pawns in the fight against Jews held in this condition by their leaders.  They've been brain-washed to remain in this state.  This means 3 generations have lived this way.   Transjordan had taken land illegally meant for the Jews and it was from there that homeless people wound up in refugee camps as well.  Surrounding Muslim states refused to grant citizenship to these Arabs who had left Israel. Jordan had a war with them and did take in many but not all. King Hussein's son, Abdullah II married one.   Today Obama and Netanyahu are planning to have a summit meeting about Jordan being involved with the West Bank where Fatah's PA rules over Arab communities.

9. Jews were living in equality and tranquility with the Palestinian Arabs before Israel became a state, just like Jews had lived in peace and benevolence throughout the Arab world.
In individual cases, this was true.  My neighbor, Mimi Padrow,  told me about living in Tel Aviv where they had orange groves and that the Palestinian workers got along well with them.  But there were many times, such as from 1919- 1929 that rioting was instigated by leaders  like the Haj Amin el Husseini which led to the slaughter of Jews. From August 23 -29, 1929, there was rioting that killed 133 Jews and injured 339.   In the Arab world, all Jews were called dhimmis, 2nd class citizens and were forced to pay higher taxes, and follow regulations that others did not that were slanderous.  They were looked down on due to their Muslim teachings.    True, it was a better state than Jews living in many places in Europe experienced.

10. Arab Palestinians, like other Arabs, have nothing against Jews, only Zionism.
Hatred started with the Koran.  Mohammed tried to convert Jews but failed, and in many instances he converted by the sword and if that didn't work he killed whole Jewish communities who were living in Medina.  So we started off on the wrong foot.  Treated as dhimmis showed how they felt about Jews.  Britain abetted their anti-Jewish feelings by their unfair treatment of Jews, such as restricting their immigration at a time Hitler was about to kill the 6 million. Those Brits stationed in Palestine are guilty of treating the land to be the Jewish National Home as Arab land.  They didn't stop Arabs from entering.  They counted as refugees the itinerant workers from neighboring countries.  All the Arab leaders had to do was speak those Holy Words and tell lies about Jews and they felt hatred.  They were afraid the Jews would treat them like they had been treated as dhimmis.  Actually, Arabs were not interested in creating their own state, even though offered their own in 1948.  It wasn't until 1967 after the Six Day War that they wanted what they never developed.   Now Abbas wants his state next door to Israel but has no money.  What money they were given by other Arab states has gone into weapons to use against Israel.  He expects Israel to accept them when they do not recognize Israel after these past 64 years.

Resource:From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters

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