Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Gruesome Twosome: Syria and Iran
These two countries have teamed up to fight against the West. They have been supplying Taliban and other terrorists in Afghanistan in order to fight US/NATO forces. They're in Iraq with the goal to damage U.S. efforts. Syria and Iran are working in Lebanon trying to crumble the Seniora government, destroy their army and crush the Cedars Revolution by assassinating the MP Eido in Beirut, bombing attacks such as car-bombs and killing civilians. They create terrorist attacks in Lebanon using Syro-Iranian assets. They're also in Gaza hoping to control it. Their funds control Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
By the end of this summer, if their plan goes well, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza will be fully at war. Hamas will be in control with Syro-Iranian backing in the Eastern Mediterranean and will be a terror base of operations. They wish to seize Gaza which would stop U.S. efforts in Iraq and cause pressure against Israel.
These predictions have been made by Dr. Walid Phares who is the director of the future Terrorism Project at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and the author of "The War of Idea".
Syria has long been viewed as an enemy of Israel. Iran was actually rather helpful to Israel when the Shah of Iran ruled, but now the situation has changed. Hamas already has control of Gaza at this point. Their attacks on Israel are already causing a tough retaliation. If they are supplied with more arms, this will cause a full scaled war with a hopping-mad Israel that won't be forgiving. I don't think Syria can offer Israel anything worth a gamble after seeing what has happened in Gaza. They haven't been that cooperative, and now they are in kahoots with Iran anyway.
By 2008 this gruesome twosome plan to take over as much territory as they can. They forsee Americans limiting their moves now because of the U.S. presidential campaign season. By then it won't be just a new president that will be on the plate. It will be a whole new ballgame.

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