Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lies From Palestinan Media Sympathizers: White Phosphorus Usage

Nadene Goldfoot
The Palestinian Hamas representatives are so good at relating false facts that are so contrary to reality of their purpose or history. Today a Palestinian professor from Bethlehem University was on KBOO, a Portland radio station, and was debating in some fashion a representative of our Portland Community who is supportive of Israel, Bob Horenstein. I heard such a distortion of history that it was appalling to me from this professor. I might add that Bob was not given any time for rebuttal of facts. Under these conditions, he did a terrific job.

In the same fashion, the Palestinians are bantering about another false claim. They are saying that Israel is using phosphorus in it's fight against Gaza terrorists. In truth, Hamas themselves have been using white phosphorus as a weapon against Israeli civilians during this conflict. On Tuesday, a mortar shell fired from Gaza into Israel contained white phosphorus.

A regional council's security chief said, "the potential danger of using such a rocket is enormous. It is far more dangerous than other Qassam rockets and mortal shells. This is an escalation in the type of explosives the Palestinians use on civilians. We challenge Human Rights Watch to condemn this attack in the same way it has falsely condemned Israel.

I won't wait for the international media such as organizations like Human Rights Watch who is always condemning Israel. Then media such as The Guardian, Times of London, Christian Science Monitor and CNN just repeat HRW's claims without really checking into the claims because they are into their "humanitarian focus" and condemn or even report this development against Israel. They seem to be in cahoots with the Palestinians and report biased information all the time.

Surprisingly, the International Red Cross is corroborating Israel's claims, and has stated that it had no evidence to suggest that white phosphorus is being used improperly or illegally by Israel. Israel does use it to create smoke or illuminate a target. It's not being used in any other way. This is a legitimate use under international law. It is not being used to burn down buildings or consciously put civilians at risk. The spokesman for the Red Cross was Peter Herby and he was telling the Associated Press. Thankfully, one person has the guts to be honest about what Israel is doing.

Reference: Honest Reporting UK Media "War Crimes" Phosphorus Charges Rebuked
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